Pokemon Specialty Store and Cafe Set for March 2018


‘Pika, Pika’ is the familiar note Pokemon and especially Pikachu lovers both young and old will instantly recognise from Japan’s ultra cute and electrically charged mascot. And now lovers of the pocket monsters can embrace their childhood in the soon to be finalised speciality store and cafe in March 2018, set in the central business district of Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

The speciality store will no doubt focus on the likes of everyone’s most lovable Pokemon Pikachu, with an assortment of other Pokemon in the mix. Merchandise will no doubt take its inspiration from the many years of anime, movies, games and other collector items available in store.

Meanwhile, the upcoming cafe will undoubtedly feature Mr Pika himself, with a planned range of beverages, snacks, meals, souveniers and more in theme with its range of collectable creatures.

The speciality store and cafe will be situated in the Takashimaya department store. So pokefans, get your pokeballs primed and your taste buds ready to embrace the official start from March 14 next year. Gotta catch ’em all !!!

Article source: The Official Pokemon Website.



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