Rugby World Cup 2019 Ticketing Updates


This is our first update regarding the latest news on Rugby World Cup 2019 ticketing options in Japan. Kick-off is literally in just 5 months and 1 day, with Japan’s first game against Russia at Tokyo Stadium.

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Future Ticket Sales

The next round of tickets is due to start from Saturday, May 18, 2019, at 18:00 JST (Japan Standard Time). This will be the second round of ticket sales for fans to secure their seats for Asia’s first Rugby World Cup.

Official Resale Service

On the basis that people’s plans can change from time to time, the Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Resale Service will launch. Due to start from 18:00 JST on Friday 31, 2019.

The Resale Service will allow original Rugby World Cup 2019 ticket holders to resell their seats because they cannot attend. The platform will be a safe and secure and service that allows people to sell and purchase tickets at face value.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 website has strongly advised fans to purchase their tickets through official channels. Otherwise, there is a chance they could be refused entry.

People will need to register an account with the Official Rugby World Cup website to be eligible for ticket transactions. For more information about registering for tickets, you can visit the website.

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