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Why is Green Actually Blue in Japan?

Red means stop, yellow means wait and blue... err what? The colour blue in Japan is used for go but also means green. That's...

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Harry’s Sandwich Co – Prime American Comfort Food

Harry's Sandwich Co strikes a careful balance between homemade comfort-food and authentic American cooking. Especially, when your Californian friend reassures you of its genuine American character, taste and authentic atmosphere. Harry, is the humble owner,...
Hitachi's EMIEW3 robot

Robot Tour Guides at Landmark Tower in Yokohama

Robot Tour Guides at Landmark Tower, which is Yokohama's Tallest Skyscraper, have joined the tourism team. The new futuristic assistants act as tour guides inside and around the floor of the building. Hitachi, the...
Japan SIM Card

SIM Card in Japan – Flexible Options with Mobal

A SIM Card in Japan is a must these days. Perhaps you're travelling around for a few days or weeks, or potentially you're seeking to stay a few months, years or even permanently. One...
The Sai Kanji of the year 2018

Kanji of the year 2018 is …

The Kanji of the year 2018 is「災」(sai) meaning disaster or curse. This character reflects many of the events and adversity that Japan has faced in the past year. This year was hit by many natural...

The Japanese Spiderman in all its Humorous Glory

Words literally cannot explain how awesome and epic the Japanese Spiderman really is. YouTube's Screen Junkies are famous for their hilariously witty and frank Honest Trailer series. But, this time they truly have outdone...