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Top 10 New Year Japanese Words – Happy New Year 2019 from FAQ

2018 is coming to a close, and maybe you’ll be drinking, eating, dancing or relaxing the year away. So, this our top 10 New...
The Sai Kanji of the year 2018

Kanji of the year 2018 is …

The Kanji of the year 2018 is「災」(sai) meaning disaster or curse. This character reflects many of the events and adversity that Japan has faced...

Top 10 Japanese Buzzwords for 2018

We finally have the Top 10 Japanese Buzzwords or 流行語 (Ryuukougo) for 2018. So, we have provided a listing of the top ten, with...

Happy New Year 2018! – NY Vocabulary and Customs

Happy New Year 2018! Finally, it is upon us, the new year has come upon us. Perhaps, you have probably returned to your workplace...