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Joining an English Conversation School

Joining an English Conversation School is one of the more obvious choices as an English Teacher in Japan. They seem to have more basic...

3 Italian Restaurants in Tokyo you Must Try!

Italian Restaurants in Tokyo are not a rare sight at all, similar to French, Sushi and Ramen eateries, you can even find a few...

Nintendo Switch in Japan – English is Still OK!

Nintendo Switch is the seventh instalment in its series of consoles, exceeded all expectations including its own, to sell not only a huge 3...

Journey in Japan Part 16: Grandiose Encounters of the Third Class

I went a few days without any Internet connection so couldn’t post anything. Here are the last three days in summary: Friday – Fukuoka Today I...

Journey in Japan Part 9: Sentient pigs, neon electric girl

Today is different. For some reason I don’t feel like myself, I cannot explain how I feel. I just don’t feel right. I decide...