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Friday, April 23, 2021
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Seasonal Japanese Food in Autumn

So it's September and that means its time to start thinking about the seasonal Japanese food in Autumn. As temperatures start to taper off,...

Journey in Japan Part 49: The Amazing Kanda Adventure

The miserable rain-soaked streets of Kanda provide the backdrop for this afternoon. Two simultaneous events are taking place here today, both having very little in common...

Journey in Japan Part 48: The Fat Sumo Hallowe’en Special

My day starts with me being completely lost in Shinjuku, searching for an event going by the name of ‘Shinjuku Magic of Hallowe'en’. I...

Top 12 Horrifying Halloween Expressions

So it's Halloween time, well officially that is on the 31st of October 2017, and time to learn some Horrifying Halloween Expressions, even though...

Journey in Japan Part 40: Tourism is a Dancer

Today I wake up to find that the hostel has been decorated with ‘Happy Halloween’ signs, spooky spiders, and multi-coloured pumpkins and bats. Thinking...