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The Main Difference Between「は」and「が」

A simple question for beginners studying Japanese is, what are the main differences between「は」and「が」? Some of you may have come across them before and...

The Differences in Use Between「を」and「が」

As we continue to explore the difference in Japanese particles, we will look at two which are particularly useful. These are used for distinguishing...

The State of Being – だ, です, じゃない and じゃありません

In this exercise, we will explore the equivalent expression of 'to be' or 'not to be' (that is the question ?... hmmm) in Japanese. ...

Topic Marker and Sentence Ending Particles – は, も, よ & ね!

In this exercise, we will examine the main particles used at the start of Japanese sentences, namely 「は」(wa), which is used to identify the...