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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Streamlined and Safer Shinkansens for the Future

2020 and the Tokyo Olympics are just around the corner. Similarly, JR's (Japan Railways) latest streamlined and safer shinkansens (bullet trains) is rapidly approaching...

Studio Ghibli Plans Theme Park for Nagoya

Tokyo has Disney and Fuji-Q, Osaka has USJ and Kyoto is a cultural paradise, that leaves Nagoya with errr ... Lego Land, which apparently...

Journey in Japan Part 28: The Other Side of the Tracks

I say goodbye to Nagoya after five days, three of which I felt I could have done a lot more with my time. I spend ¥1950...

Journey in Japan Part 27: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

I have to walk ten minutes from my Nagoya hotel to a different hotel with my laundry. The rain is hard, the super typhoon has...

Journey in Japan Part 26: Robot women, fast cars, voodoo dolls, and dinosaurs

The queue for the Nagoya City Science Museum spills from the door. Inside there is a snaked queue that runs eight rows deep. A...

Journey in Japan Part 25: Internet cafés, Irish bars

Grilled fish of the day is salmon for the third day in a row. After breakfast, I return to my room and return my room...