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Journey in Japan Part 52: House of Red Leaves

There is a famous phrase in Japan, “You haven’t seen real beauty until you’ve seen Nikkō.” So far on this trip, I haven’t really seen a thing. Only darkness. I wake up at 9am, the first thing I do is take a look at the

Journey in Japan Part 6: Birds thrown around, bullets for hail

The largest storm on the planet passed through Beppu last night. The storm had drifted a little south of its predicted trajectory, but we still got hit by the strong winds; they sounded like a Bullet Train as they rattled the windows and the walls. I read somewhere

Journey in Japan Part 3: Mostly Calmness

I am woken at 4:47am to an alarm coming from the direction of the ocean. I look out of the window, it is raining hard. I dart out of bed to check a computer. No active tsunami warnings. I have a look outside, the alarm is constant,