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Osaka Amazing Passes – Up to 48 hours of Kansai Entertainment

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, but that doesn't mean it is lacking entertainment options. So, the Osaka Amazing Passes are one...

Top 10 Things to Do in Namba

What are the Top 10 Things to do in Namba? Here is our guide on the central southern or ‘Minami’ district of Osaka. It...

Streamlined and Safer Shinkansens for the Future

2020 and the Tokyo Olympics are just around the corner. Similarly, JR's (Japan Railways) latest streamlined and safer shinkansens (bullet trains) is rapidly approaching...
Kyotrain 1

Visit Kyoto via the Traditional Kyotrain

Starting from next spring, from March 23, you will be able to visit Kyoto via the traditional Kyotrain from Osaka. Many people see Osaka...

Reliving Japanese Customs and Culture – Part 2

Well done thus far! So you've gone through your first few days of Japan, phew! You're trying your best to follow Japanese customs and culture!...

Reliving Japanese Customs and Culture – Part 1

Returning to my second home ... I had been living in Tokyo for 2 years on a working holiday visa until it ran out back...

Abeno Harukas – Osaka’s Bright Building of the Future

Abeno Harukas stands tall and proud at exactly 300 metres tall and is Osaka's tallest building. It also stands as a clear sign of...

Osaka Castle – Osaka’s Famous Landmark

The one major landmark you can be sure people in Kansai hold in high pride is Osaka Castle, perched upon a raised platform and...

Hello Kitty says ‘Hello’ to Japan’s Shinkansen

Cartoon or anime inspired trains have long been a common sight across Japan's entire network, but as the Evangelion 500 series themed Shinkansen is...

Journey in Japan Part 25: Internet cafés, Irish bars

Grilled fish of the day is salmon for the third day in a row. After breakfast, I return to my room and return my room...