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Top 10 Words to Start Speaking Japanese Now

This out list of the top 10 words to start speaking Japanese now. Japanese is an easy language to start learning, and fun to...

Can You Read the Situation in Japanese?

Can you read the situation in Japanese? This is something that becomes more important as you develop your Japanese ability. Most people agree that...

Top 10 New Year Japanese Words – Happy New Year 2019 from FAQ

2018 is coming to a close, and maybe you’ll be drinking, eating, dancing or relaxing the year away. So, this our top 10 New...
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas – Top 8 Japanese Christmas Words

Tis' the season to be jolly, and here are our Top 8 Japanese Christmas Words for the year. This is our attempt at spreading...
The Sai Kanji of the year 2018

Kanji of the year 2018 is …

The Kanji of the year 2018 is「災」(sai) meaning disaster or curse. This character reflects many of the events and adversity that Japan has faced...

Top 10 Japanese Buzzwords for 2018

We finally have the Top 10 Japanese Buzzwords or 流行語 (Ryuukougo) for 2018. So, we have provided a listing of the top ten, with...

Japanese Verb Basics

In Japanese grammar, the use of only a single verb in a sentence is grammatically correct. So, Japanese verb basics are an important rule...

Common Japanese Abbreviations – Japanese Vocabulary

Just like Aussies (Australian people), Japanese Abbreviations are also common including their own names to their friend's and family names, store names, vocabulary, expressions...

The Main Difference Between「は」and「が」

A simple question for beginners studying Japanese is, what are the main differences between「は」and「が」? Some of you may have come across them before and...

The Differences in Use Between「を」and「が」

As we continue to explore the difference in Japanese particles, we will look at two which are particularly useful. These are used for distinguishing...