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Escape to Hakone by Car – 1 or 2 Day Itinerary

If you're in Tokyo for a few days, it can sometimes get too crowded, too urbanised and just too much city. So, if you...

10 Ways Tokyo Drift is Like Japan

In Part 2 of our series, we attempt to find more realistic scenes from Tokyo Drift. Namely, with the most footage shot in Japan's...

10 Ways Tokyo Drift is Not Like the Real Japan

The power sliding revelation 'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' that hit cinemas back in 2006 actually had a lot of footage shot...

Rugby World Cup 2019 – 99 Days to Go!

The countdown to the Rugby World Cup 2019 has begun, with only 99 days to go before kick-off begins. This is Japan's first time...

Hydrangeas in Kamakura – A Beautiful Spectrum of Colours

Check out the beauty of the Hydrangeas in Kamakura at Meigetsu-in. Hydrangeas are known as 紫陽花 or Ajisai in Japanese. They are just a...

Ozawa Sake Brewery – Free Tours and Tasting

Pulling into Sawai station, you instantly notice how quiet and serene this place really is. The Ozawa Sake Brewery is a short 5-minute walk...

Top 10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo the mammoth concrete city is surprisingly full of stunning sakura's. In this guide, we look at our top 10 Cherry Blossom spots in...

Australia vs Japan: Daily Life Comparison

I thought it would be nice to discuss the differences between Australia vs Japan: daily life! Every year we are seeing a trend of...

Top 8 Bars in Asakusa to Visit!

Asakusa is well versed for its daytime activities and traditional sites, but what about its nightlife? Believe it or not, the top 8 bars...

Byron Bay Coffee Japan – Great Coffee with Awesome Meat Pies

As an Aussie, I cannot help but crave great coffee with awesome meat pies. It's the norm in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia for...