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Oh Deer-Related Tourist Injuries on the Rise in Nara

In Nara, wild deer populate the local Nara Park as messengers from the gods, they are protected within the city. So, deer-related tourist injuries...

1,000 Yen Departure Tax to Begin from Monday

The Japanese Government will start collecting a 1,000 yen departure tax from Monday next week. People travelling by aircraft or ship will be subject...

What are the Impacts of Japan’s New Airbnb Regulations ?

The impacts of Japan's new Airbnb regulations are due to come into full effect on June 15, aiming to regulate the recent rise in...

Japanese Tourism Continues ‘Off The Charts’ in 2017

No doubt your senses have come across the infamous tale of booming tourism in Japan, it is something that has been widely reported across...

Free Wifi – Data Access for the Masses

Free WiFi is quickly becoming more and more prominent in Japan. Increasingly with the recent influx of tourists and also as we approach Tokyo's...

Confirmed: 1,000 Yen Departure Tax to be Implemented in 2019

Further to our article regarding the proposal of a 1,000 yen departure tax for all people leaving Japan via ship or plane, the ruling...

Journey in Japan Part 20: From Deer To Eternity

Today I have a rough plan. A day trip to Nara, with a stop on the way at Uji. Last night I arranged to...