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Can You Read the Situation in Japanese?

Can you read the situation in Japanese? This is something that becomes more important as you develop your Japanese ability. Most people agree that...

Cool Vocabulary for the Cold Winter

You need some cool vocabulary for the cold Winter season. Especially, as the lonely mountains gather a new white glow, the ski resorts begin...

Japanese – The Verb’s Negative Form

So you're comfortable with the basics of Japanese verbs, now its time to-learn the foundations of the verbs negative form. Basically, we want to...

Japanese Verb Basics

In Japanese grammar, the use of only a single verb in a sentence is grammatically correct. So, Japanese verb basics are an important rule...

How to get a Haircut in Japan – Japanese Tips

It's easy to think getting a haircut, especially in a place like Japan, can be a daunting undertaking. What about how to get a...