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Just because you live in Japan, doesn’t mean you are short on home delivery options for food, however where you may get stung is in your Japanese ability. This is because not all websites offer an English version of their website, even if this trend is gradually beginning to change.

In this post, we aim to provide a list of the most common options you can use on the net, both English friendly and other popular Japanese alternatives. We will explore some of the most common options and provide links to their websites, plus app where available. However, please note this is not the healthiest list of options available. This list will continue to develop as we expand on it over time and as options increase.


When I think about home delivery, either on a rainy or cold winter day (think recently), then the first thing that comes to mind is the provocation of purchasing a delectable pizza. However, you may notice ordering Pizza delivery in this country is somewhat considered more of a luxury, as the prices can sometimes be quite high compared to other options. Some of the more common choices are as follows:

Pizza Hut is a popular chain of American Pizza outlets, mainly catering for the take-out or delivery consumer in Japan. They have stores throughout the country and offer both a Japanese and English version of their website. Navigation from registration to menu selection and delivery is a simple process. In addition, registering your email address also grants you access to weekly specials and coupons. They also have regular seasonal discounts depending on the situation, for example now as we enter the second half of August they are advertising Halloween specials. There is an app for both iOS and Android to make ordering on the go easier too.

Dominos another popular American chain and my personal favourite, although I am trying to avoid some bias here. Similar to Pizza Hut, they also focus on the takeaway and delivery market in Japan and also offer simple navigation in both Japanese and English versions of their homepage. Registering will also enable you to be on their mailing list for future promotions and savings which they send out regularly. In addition, you also may be lucky to stumble onto one of their online coupons when logging onto their website. For example, at the time of writing, they were offering 20% of all pizza orders. Finally, apps can be accessed for iOS or Android platforms to making ordering a breeze.

Pizza-La is probably the largest Pizza chain in Japan, and comparable to the other American pizza offerings. They are a homegrown business and as such concentrate mainly on the domestic consumer., However, they do offer an English ordering service, but unfortunately this is only available via telephone. If you wish to order over the internet then you need to be able to read Japanese. However, people who are able to read a little may have enough to get by, especially if you can read Hiragana and Katakana. They too offer iOS and Android versions of their app, but again this will be Japanese only.

Burgers and more

Brozers is great if you live in the central Tokyo area, and is a fusion of American inspired food with Japanese craftsmanship. Another personal favourite, and a regular consumer they have a great selection of both burgers, hot dogs and more on their menu. Similar to their food, the website is also a fusion of Japanese and English, so if you can get by with a little Japanese, it is definitely worth your time. They offer both an eat-in restaurant, take out and delivery service too. Located in both the Nihonbashi and Ginza areas, I would recommend looking these up if you happen to be in the area.

McDonald’s the ubiquitous fast food and hamburger chain has also recently been trying to boost its delivery service. Of late they have been trying to transform their menu into slightly (ever so slightly?) more varied and health-conscious options. They offer both websites in English and Japanese, and as you would from the golden arches, and navigation is both user-friendly and efficient. Be sure to check your address qualifies for delivery first, before excitement ensues ;). App options are available on the main platforms of iOS and Android.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) the well known fast food chain, infamous for their fried chicken and other set meal options. While they provide home delivery from a limited range stores, the order site is entirely in Japanese, so some knowledge of the language especially reading and writing will be necessary to complete the order process. You can access a copy of their English menu here, but this is the only English option I could locate at the time of writing. Additionally, app options are also available, albeit in Japanese, on both iOS and Android.

Japanese Food

Ichibanya or ‘Cocoichi’, as it is affectionately referred to by the locals, is a popular Curry House chain that exists throughout the stretches of Japan. With outlets populated in most major cities, you can eat-in, take-out or in many cases organise home delivery. They offer a large variety of curries and more and with many customisation options, including rice portion size, spice level, additions and more. In the case of their website, it is entirely in Japanese, so some level of the language will be required to navigate from registration to confirmation of your order. You can also access their app from either the iOS or Android platforms.

Miscellaneous Options

Uber Eats is a great site providing a wealth of eating options based on your actual home location, with both a web portal and mobile app functionality. It also has the added advantage of both English and Japanese versions of its website and app, to help for a very convenient service. Although, you may find some stores only have a listing in Japanese. On this site, you will be able to browse a comprehensive range of local Japanese cuisine, international food offerings, delivery choices and more. Additionally, the guide provides info on the average price of each store, as well as the expected waiting time for delivery to help you make a more informed choice. The handy app is also available in iOS and Android versions.

Maishoku is another English based website serving customers throughout Japan with the choice of local restaurants according to their address. They provide a variety of local, international and Japanese cuisine to suit your taste buds, so there is plenty of options available. Upon entering your address, you are then presented with a list of outlets which service your particular area, and from their, you can complete the ordering process. Navigation is pretty simple and easy to follow, especially since they have revamped their website. They also offer apps for both iOS and Android.

Another recent addition to the food delivery menu is a service known as Honestbee. Providing both delivery and grocery options, they have both a desktop site and apps available in English and Japanese for ease of ordering. In terms of food options, honestbee has a healthy variety to choose from, basing options on your GPS location, they try to cater to a diversified crowd. To order through either their app or website, you need to have a credit (or debit) card available to confirm payment, and the rest is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The app also provides the ability to order groceries online too, from the likes of Costco (without the hassle of needing a membership), National Azabu (imported gourmet groceries), Preece Food Market, and a range of other vendors including Thai supermarket and Tsukiji retail outlet. The app is ready for download on both iOS and Android.

Happy Shopping and Eating!



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