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When you think about Japan, then you should instantly consider a country rich in food customs and delicious cuisine. So, By Food‘s mission is simple, that is, to help engage foodies and offer them a world of exciting experiences. So what is it about this site that is could be so alluring? It’s not just the sheer range of tours that, its the diverse nature of these journeys too that make it unique. To top that off, they also have monthly campaigns where they contribute to and help different global communities in need.

By Food – The Company

Simply put, By Food‘s mission is to share the many wonderful flavours Japan has to offer the wide, wide world. As any local or connoisseur might tell you, Japan is home to the largest number of Michelin rated restaurants in the world. Through their range of events, tours and classes they hope to give you a taste of Japanese culinary culture. Plus, make your journey more deliciously memorable too.

Of course, some people may be phased by the language barrier too. So, rest assured that any lack of Japanese skills will be a non-issue. That’s because as all tours are conducted by English speaking guides.

The Website

The site itself presents you with a broad range of food tours, cooking classes, tasting events, drinking nights and various other unique cultural adventures. The user experience is very simple and well laid out too, as you can filter for your desired activity and by area as well.

We decided to filter by ‘food tours’ locally in the Tokyo area. This provided us with 62 individual experiences including walks, cooking classes, sweets tasting and more.

Next, by using ‘cooking classes’ as the filter preference and this time we got 172 results. This was across Japan, with a diverse range of exciting and unique tours. The findings included an array of sushi preparation classes, drinking events, tasting tours and even an intensive cooking program.

The Experience

Some of the event highlights we could discover from the site in Tokyo include:

1. Street Food Hunt in Shibuya

In the lively neighbourhood of Shibuya, you can find a food tour which is particularly inviting due to its multiple 5-star ratings from previous participants. You can try several types of Japanese cuisine specialities such as sushi, grilled beef skewers, Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancake) and traditional dessert.

In addition to the journey of flavours, you will gain insight into the culture and history of Japanese food, and also daily life in Japan. To help make it authentic, all this comes from an English speaking Japanese native.

Priced at 13,500 yen, it seems very reasonable considering you get to try a wide variety of dishes plus one beverage and dessert. Furthermore, you get the local experience from a Japanese tour guide.

2. Wagashi (Japanese Traditional Sweets) Class

This class is based in one of the most scenic Tokyo areas known as Meguro, especially during the spring and autumn seasons. In this class, you can learn the art of creating delightful desserts know as Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets.

Wagashi makes a great pair with Matcha green tea and is the perfect afternoon tea or morning snack. Usually, used with fruits like strawberries, but other fruits can also be used.

In this class, you will have the choice between a wagashi only or wagashi and mochi cooking class. Going with the optional mochi class will open up the world of both mochi and daifuku. This will diversify your dessert creation ability even more.

Finally, once you have perfected your assortment of Japanese sweets, you can enjoy them with a cup of matcha green tea. Alternatively, you can also opt to take your creations with you to enjoy later.

For those with a sweet tooth, or looking to diversify your dessert repertoire this would be the perfect class to add to your belt.

3. Japanese Sake Tasting in Tokyo

As a simply unique Japanese experience, this activity caught our eye as a simple way to enjoy the local beverage. Held in the cultural hub of Asakusa, the event is all about appreciating and understanding its foundations, production process and tasting the result.

The Sake tour includes aspects of its history and foundations. It will also cover how it is made and how it relates to Japanese culture and tradition. Also, you can taste four different types of delicious sake, including a refreshingly tasty sparkling sake. We recommend you look into this fascinating and easy to understand the journey.

By Food Guide and Blog

Regular posts and blogs about the Japan food and beverage scene are also a regular part of the website. This is to help you make more informed choices when traversing the various districts and cities of Japan and considering local food choices and restaurants. Thus, everyone should definitely explore that section in greater detail.

Food for Happiness Program

At the core of By Food’s ethical commitment is its desire to help less fortunate communities across the globe. So, through its ‘Food for Happiness‘ program, for each event or tour that you book through their site, you will help contribute to their monthly programs.

Final Thoughts

By Food is a site that wants to help you experience the true taste of Japan in all its tantalising traditions and culinary creations.  So as tourists or anyone in Japan, we strongly recommend their events to make your journey more memorable and flavoured. Check out their website now to book an event.

All photos © copyright and courtesy of By Food.


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