Tokyo Stadium – Chofu, Tokyo


Welcome to Tokyo Stadium (aka Ajinomoto Stadium). Located in Chofu in western Tokyo, and is the starting point for the Rugby World Cup 2019. The first game begins at 19:45 on September 20, which is literally only 5 months away. The starting teams are the hosts Japan, using their home advantage for a win, up against Russia.

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Tokyo Stadium’s total capacity is 49,970 seats and is easily accessible from Tobitakyu station on the Keio line. From Shinjuku, it can take anywhere between 35 to 50 minutes. For example, there are express and local trains available. It is just over a 10-minute walk from the station.

The Stadium has previously held events almost maxing out seating reservations at 46,000. Hence, it has attracted large crowds for many past sporting events. If you’re looking to buy tickets, check out our latest update on the second round of tickets being issued.

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