Tokyo Survival Channel – Full of Wild and Original Adventures


We were recently asked to contribute as a guest writer for Tokyo Survival Channel (TSC), an original site that sees foreigners completing wild and wacky challenges in the heart of Japan.

Photo Source: Tokyo Survival Channel (TSC)

If you’re interested in our FAQ Section, you can check our page on Life in Japan or our dedicated Exploring Japan post.

Read on to check out some of our more daring and unusual adventures with TSC.

In our first article, we explore the effectiveness of Apocalyptic Survival Kits. Sure, there is no emergency now, but with many experts warning of the imminent and forthcoming danger of a large Tokyo quake. We set about to not only to mimic the conditions but test out exactly how useful these packs are.

Our second journey takes into the weird and wonderful world of Tokyo’s vending machines. From the dazzling electric paradise of Akihabara to the fashion capital of Shibuya and more. We explore many aspects of this cool, yet crazy subculture.

Tokyo Survival Channel (TSC) continues to provide fascinating and quirky challenges each month, so we recommend you check back to their site regularly. Also, you can find them using the social media hashtag #TokyoChallenge🗼.

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