Viewing Autumn Leaves at Narita San (成田山で紅葉)


Dating back to 940, Narita-San or more specifically Narita-San Shinsho-ji (成田山新勝寺) is a temple located in central Narita, Chiba. It is a well known temple within the Kanto region, and regularly holds large events during the seasons of New Year (お正月), Obon (お盆) and of course is also pretty during the Cherry Blossom and Autumn leave seasons.

This time, we are here to view the Autumn leaves, which is said to be best around November or December at this particular temple. Beyond the temple are the best areas for viewing, where you will find an abundance of parks, trees, lakes and some other traditional buildings.

The word ‘紅葉’ (Kouyou or Momiji) means ‘Autumn leaves’ or ‘Changing colour of the Autumn leaves’ and it is a very popular event during the Fall season, similar to the infamous Cherry Blossoms that bloom during the Spring.

The walk from JR or Keisei Narita Station takes about 10 minutes, and along the road of Omotesando, be sure to check out some of the many souvenier or craft stores that line the length of the street. In addition, you should be able to find many stores selling ‘うなぎ’ (Unagi or Eel), as this is a speciality in Narita. Particularly, ‘うなぎの蒲焼’ (Unagi no Kabayaki), which means ‘Charcoal grilled Eel, coated in Teriyaki sauce’ is their highlight, and is definitely a personal recommendation.

Narita-San Details:

Open: Everyday

Address: 1 Narita, Chiba Prefecture

Or find the bar on google maps here.

Telephone: 04 7622 2111



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