We went to Tokyo Comic Con 2017!!!


So it is that time again this year and Tokyo Comic Con 2017 came to Japan on the 1st (Fri), 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun) of December. FAQ Japan decided to check it out, at the popular venue of Makuhari Messe – Chiba. Please check the video above and the rest of the article below for our full report.

The exhibition had 3 main exhibitions from the likes of Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars. They were accompanied by smaller displays from the likes of Hasbro (Transformers), Hulu and a plethora of lego, action figures and toys available for purchase.

The Cost of Loving Comics

The cost of entry was 3,200 yen if you reserved a ticket online, or 3,500 yen at the door. Knowing Japan’s love of long queues, we went with the online reservation. Despite our supposed intellect, the price still ended up being close to 3,500 yen each. Duh!

Diehard fans and comic lovers alike also had the opportunity to purchase an additional bonus. These were photo ops or autograph time with one of the many celebrities attending the event. Particularly, the mastermind behind many Marvel superheroes, Stan Lee himself. Indeed many people probably thought this may be their last opportunity to meet the celebrity creator. He is also infamous for his cameos in all of Marvel’s movies. Yet, at a steep 15,000 yen a piece, we felt this was for true fans.

Impeccable Timing

The timing of the event was also important for some of the most recent movie releases, including the highly entertaining ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ the third in the series from Marvel. The other recent addition being DC’s Avenger equivalent the ‘Justice League’, featuring the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman and his cast of courageous crusaders.

Probably the biggest turnout of the event was the Star Wars exposition. Perfect timing for their imminent release of the 8th part of the series ‘The Last Jedi’. This was Disney and Lucas Film’s last crack at building hype for their upcoming and highly anticipated premiere of the saga. The arena itself was filled with screens, posters, toys, models, pictures, games, lego displays and more showing off the Star Wars merchandise. Perhaps most impressive though, was the overabundance of followers and ‘force sensitive’ lovers of the films. They circled the booths and posing for photographs, decked out in all their cosplay glory.

You can check out more about Tokyo Comic Con at their official website. May the force be with you!


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