Who put the MOS in MOS Burger?


Japan’s second largest fast food chain (behind McDonald’s) features the MOS in MOS Burger. MOS Burger is not only the name of the well-known fast food chain, but it is also the headlining menu item across all stores.

The MOS Burger Brand

The MOS brand has seen many incarnations of its name from being an acronym Merchandising Organising Systems. It was also used as an English pun, ‘the MOSt delicious burger’. These days the MOS acronym refers to Mountain, Ocean, Sky or its desire to sell burgers all over the globe. In other words, no matter the Mountain, Ocean or Sky, there is no limit to where they can expand their brand.

Evidently, there is no limit, as they have expanded beyond Japan’s Mountains, Oceans and Sky. MOS Burger now has stores located in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, China and South Korea. They also have a few stores scattered throughout Australia. In total, they have a seismic 1,700 outlets globally.

One of the unique menu options on the MOS menu is the MOS rice burger. The rice bun consists of a combination of rice, barley and grass seeds. In addition to this, they have a range of vegetarian and seasonal options. At the time of writing, they have a Halloween inspired range of menu choices. Christmas is also a popular time for many chains to sell fried chicken, a common dish during the festive season.

Cultural Indentity

As it is the second largest chain fast food restaurant in Japan, finding an outlet is a piece of cake. Located in many of the main cities and central hub districts, it has become a staple of Japanese fast food culture. As a proudly Japanese operation, they also source many of their ingredients domestically to support the local agricultural industry.

If you’re keen to get your mouth around what the Japanese consider fast food dishes, we recommend you try while you’re in the bigger cities. It should be easy to find many outlets populated in central sites across Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and other major cities. However, if you live near a Mountain, Ocean or Sky, you never know, one may also pop-up near you soon.

You can check out the MOS Burger website for further information on menu and store locations.


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