Journey in Japan Part 36: A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness

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I walk the twenty mins to Kuramae Station. Heading I pass the Bandai Headquarters; a big banner informs me that Tamagotchi is recovering at the end of this month. At Kuramae Station I wait patiently for the train, as well as laugh to strangelooks at the complying with sign:

I get on the train withouttaking any notification of the moment. It is naturally 9 am. Heavy traffic. The train is packed. I learntodaythat this train copulates toShinjuku.At everystop, more individuals jump on. The crushing worsens as well as the oxygen degrees diminish. Everything ends up being too much after about 10 minutes, so I press my escape of the train atKachidoki Station. I need air.

Kachidoki remains in Koto, as well as is the local terminal to the Tokyo Port Terminal. Whilst I am below I decide to have a little roam around the docks and the small interconnected islands. Every one of the roads below are lined withshrubberies as well as are swarming with insects. A sign advises me to, Be careful with insects! Kidding aside, it is really rather serious, and the caution is hearkened.

I head toward the Harumi Railway Bridge.

The bridge is no longer in use. Barbed cord alerts me not to go across; although I wouldnt anyhow as it does not look very safe. Things I locate interesting here is that from this bridge I can see both Tokyo Skytree, and Tokyo Tower. I intend it makes the journey rewarding, possibly not. After I photograph the bridge, Tokyo Tower in the distance, I head back to Kachidoki Station. Heavy traffic is now long gone.

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I take theToei edo Line completely to Shinjuku. I end upgetting shed in the station, then return on the same train as previously, taking it to Tochmae Station. Here I alter trains yet remain on the exact same line, and head to Higashi-Shinjuku Terminal. Outdoors, I walk trying to find something to do. There isn’t a lot here, simply restaurants, shops as well as plenty of bars; a good location for an evening out if I didnt live so far away. I go across the Yamanote Line as well as see youngsters painting the wall below the tracks.

I comply with the wall of graffiti to the entrance to Shin-kubo Station, before taking a wide variety of even more trains, until I get to Shinbashi Terminal. The plan below is to go to the Vanilla Gallery; the primary gallery in Tokyo for eroticism, fetishism, and also sadism. And Im currently late.

Despite having actually gone to the Vanilla Gallery prior to, it remains hard to find. I obtain a little lost but ultimately locate it hidden away on an unnoticeable street. This month, the motif is art work that tells the story of time and sorrow. An exhibit of illustrated tales and dolls relating tomadness as well as despair. The entry fee is a pleasing 500.

The exhibit is called, Der Tilgung, which is German for, The Repayment. Nowhere else in Tokyo can you experience such a vortex of amazing imagination.

Room-A features a collection of art work and imagery fromMoriKaoru. I am amazed to find that a lot of the paints have marketed out. The work concentrates on desolatewomen bordered by monsters illustrated as males. There is an uneasy focus on slavery as well as abuse. Among the displays is iron irons laid to rest on a leather sofa. Another is a drawing of a girl bound at the wrists sitting in a cell bordered by decapitated arm or legs, whilst a male number with a menacing grin sees her with the bars.

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Room-B is somewhat less terrible but is disturbing in various other ways.Suna-mura Hiroaki is the musician. The display screen featureshalf-naked remains of females. Dolls. A youngster exists still in a casket. 2 dolls hang from chains, attractive flowers blossom from their dead faces. A doll of a nurse has her chest reduced open, held openbywire; within numerous tiny minacious demons live. Trees expand from faces. Dolls scream in distress. Some dolls are made from the heads of unnamed pets. In spite of the style, the craftsmanship right here is incredible. My favorite piece isa naked woman, half her body covered by flesh, the various other entirely skeletal; half her face a photo of harrowing degeneration.

Most of the exhibits arefor sale, as well as prices vary from 50000 to 300000 a piece.Haunting music floods the gallery. Sadly the Vanilla Galleryforbids photography today, so my only photos are from the entryway as well as the flyer. I will probably have headaches for a week many thanks to what I have seenhere. We stay for perhaps twenty minutes before heading to the terminal.

I take the Ginza Line for fifteen minutes and also as I leave the station right into the crowds of Shibuya Crossing, it starts to rainfall. I have prepared to satisfy some friends outsideHachik, a statuary of adog. The dog came from Professor Ueno. Hachik would satisfy the professor at the end of every day beyond Shibuya Terminal, until eventually, in 1925, the Professor passed away. Hachik remained to wait for his owner beyond Shibuya Station, yet he never showed up. It is said that the canine went back to the terminal at the same time each day for nine years, yet Professor Ueno never ever returned. Then eventually, in 1935, Hachik sadlyperished.

Our evening starts in an absinthe bar that is exclusively playing the songs of The Smiths as well as ends in an affordable Izakaya style bar. Artwork as well as literary works are the subjects for this night. A pleasurable nightwashed away with rain and450 Suntory Highballs. I don’t take a solitary picture; much likeHachik, my electronic camera is dead. With no photographs of my very own, my friend kindly lets me utilize among his; Neon Nirvana:

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