Journey in Japan Part 14: Ainoshima Cat Island

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With muscles loose thanks to a remarkable massage therapy, I choose to truly evaluate my body. My destination today is Ainoshima Feline Island, using Shima Ferry Port. Youre biking to Shima? An overwhelmed team member asks, Please make certain the bike is back before 9 pm alright. It has to be back before nine. The time nowis 11 am, I have no objective of taking ten hrs on this adventure. What little did I know?

I cycle for an hour in the instructions that Google told me to, beforerealising that I have no concept where I am. I cycle around an industrial estate for an excellent fifty percent hr, prior to reaching a dead end, reversing, as well as ultimately getting back on track. None of the road indications talk my language, and there is no one aroundto ask.

Ninety mins right into my journey and I get to a coastline.

The beach provides a welcome remainder, so I park up my bike and go with a brief stroll. I locate the only map in Fukuoka Prefecture andcompare it to my photographed route; everything matches up. I still have a lengthy means to go, but at least I know where I am. Thanks Mishima Water Location Area Route Map.

At the end of the coastline is a relatively closed theme park called Motown.

I cycle till the beach ends and also your houses begin. I start to travel uphill in what I wish is the direction of Shima. Ultimately, I am atop a mountain. This doesn’t look right. I locate an actually prettyrandom shrine up here, and also some really old houses, however not a whole lot else.

I at some point get to the downhill component of this annoying journey, just to find a dead end forgeting the ocean. I after that press my bicycle back up the unbelievably steep hill roads. It is exhausting.It is35C today. I have currently used a full bottle of Sunlight Aqua previously.

At the top of the mountain, I see a human being. I ask him in Japanese which means toShima. He replies in Japanese, but I assume I recognize. I follow his instructions and also am soothed to find a little train terminal. In the train terminal, one of the quits on the route is Shima.

I decide to followthe railway tracks. Occasionally they vanish, other times I am required to make a detour for absence of sidewalk or roadway. After a hard-fought battle with directions, I eventually see a sign for Shima. I comply with the instructions onthe indicator, and somehow, after two hours as well as forty-five mins of biking, I come to the ferry port. Ive a feeling were not in Fukuokaanymore. I pay 460 to a vending device for a one-way ticket. After a forty min delay, the ferry finally shows up.

On the ferryboat, a tv shows video of an unclean factory in Shanghai. Staff members with blurred out faces relabel one-year-old rotten meat with new expiry dates. There is a photo of a stack of processed meat spilling onto the flooring. Rats creep listed below. The gloop is scooped up and also squashed into one more device. The machine churns the gloop into the form of nuggets. I have no suggestion what this is an advert for.

Ainoshima Island is simply off the coastline. The trip takes twenty mins. It hasmorecats surviving on the island than human beings. In Japanese, the word for cat is, neko, and also the way it is pronouncedrhymes it withecho.

I show up on the island. There is a stack of conventional old Japanese residences, as well as the background to these homes is hilly and also covered in deep woodlands. Although rather tiny, the island still takes a long time to stroll the complete size. In between each of your homes, in the shade, there are pet cats, sleeping quietly.

I roam around the island. The little Japanese homes offer very little shade from the summer season sun. Today is thehottest day up until now this year.I see even more felines than I like photo.

There is one pet cat that takes a sparkle to me. He follows me around the island as I stroll. Meowing, weeping. I don’t know which. I offer him a few of my water however he simply states, Nyaa nyaa, (the noise that pet cats make here). Perhaps he is simply starving. I assume travelers visit this island to find andfeed the pet cats, but this is onlya assumption.

I take the 4 pm ferryboat off the island. There are only 3 other individuals on the ferryboat as well as thirty-two vacant seats. A rather waste of gas, in my opinion.Sumo Fumbling is playingon the tv.

There is one last thing on Ainoshima Island, not discussed in any type of guidebooks. Wasps. Gigantic wasps that chase you. I managed to take a photograph of one that was idling, a smaller wasp in contrast to others. I will certainly admit though, I spent a lot of my time on theisland either appreciating the felines or escaping from the wasps like a scared rabbit.

As the ferryboat pulls away, Ainoshima Island becomes absolutely nothing more than a blur.

I leave Shima at twenty previous four. I stick to highways just and also adhere to the signs for Fukuoka. As I leave, a bus marked Tenjin Terminal buffoons me as it travels by.

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