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Australia vs Japan: Daily Life Comparison

I thought it would certainly behave to review the distinctions between Australia vs Japan: life! Annually we are seeing a trend of an increasing number of Australians seeing Japan. Australia being close to Japan is an excellent plus and also flights have a tendency to be extremely affordable nowadays, specifically the LCCs. In a similar way, we are likewise seeing even more Japanese people coming to Australia for a working holiday or visiting which is likewise great!

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Lets talk about my favourite topic first! So after residing in Tokyo for 2 years as well as checking out much of Japan, I can experience REAL Japanese food. You will rarely discover me eating at Japanese dining establishments in Australia.

Why do you ask? Well put simply ITS UNREAL JAPANESE FOOD

I hear this with most western countries. If you attempt and also eat Japanese food beyond Japan, what you will find is the majority of the food is made up to make the locals delighted. Everybody in Australia seems to enjoy avocado and also tuna sushi rolls, which you will certainly never discover in Japan. Or the great old The golden state roll that will send you off chasing rainbows.

The fish and meats are totally different, who would have assumed ?! The raw fish in Japan tastes 100 times far better (sorry Australia). The quality and taste get on a totally various playing field!

Australias Food Scene

Naturally, you can locate some renowned chains in Australia that are from Japan but whats the difference? THE PRICE!!! You can pay near 2,000 yen ($24 AUD) for a dish of ramen! In Japan, it can be anywhere from 450-1,000 yen (less than fifty percent). So, you can see the wallet constantly takes a success when eating at a Japanese restaurant in Australia.

Fairly, Australia currently has an excellent selection of Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Health food selections. Generally moderately valued and quite very easy to find. In Japan, this has actually just started to obtain grip (primarily in Tokyo, as well as tiny components of Osaka). But it is extremely pricey and considered as something for the well-off only. For Vegetarians or Vegans numerous areas might specify their meals are vegan risk-free, yet still use supply or brews made from fish/meat and so on. So try as well as find an area that is clearly clear regarding the kinds of components they make use of in their food.

I absolutely like Japan for their seasonal meals, there is a big selection and they take the high quality really seriously! Numerous restaurants and chains will certainly change their food selection or specials throughout the year. This does not just quit at eateries either, as numerous supermarkets, cafes and bars likewise do the same!

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I will certainly keep this short and sweet as I have created a complete article on helping a Japanese business. For those interested, you can locate the message below.

Australians are nowhere near overworked as the Japanese. A typical working week in Australia will certainly consist of 38 hrs and also overtime isn’t also usual but absolutely accounted for. In Japan, nevertheless, you are anticipated to remain at the work environment till the one in charge leaves. Which typically suggests 2-6 hrs AFTER your change has actually completed. Writing that sentence alone is restoring lots of awful memories!

Japan will commonly have many job dinners or alcohol consumption occasions that youre expected to go to. This is to reinforce the relationship between coworkers. I keep in mind attending a drinking event in Tokyo that started at 10:30 pm on a Friday evening. My supervisor got so intoxicated that he tore his tee shirt off as well as placed 2 sliced tomatoes on his chest and used them as a bra shouting out in Japanese I AM TOMATO MALE!!! Yet, when most of us turned up on Monday morning, everyone acted as if nothing had taken place. As a matter of fact, the consuming alcohol celebration was never ever even mentioned!

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Well, we currently recognize that Japan has among the very best transportation systems worldwide! Their trains are famous for being super hassle-free, and operating on time (to the 2nd). Nevertheless, what they do not tell you in the pamphlet is that they can end up being so busy and overcrowded. In truth, you are actually jam-packed inside the carriage like sardines, that you angle also inspect the moment on your watch!

It can be rather difficult to browse your method around some stations also. Also to this particular day, I can never have a smooth go for Tokyo terminal! I do love the general public good manners you will see each day in Japan. These are simple points like everybody waits on one side of the escalator so individuals that are in a thrill can conveniently pass through. One more example is just after the train doors open, numerous travelers will step off and also vacate the means to allow other people to leave conveniently.

Public vs Exclusive Transportation

It is additionally difficult to own an automobile in Japan. Parking spots need to be signed up prior to you can also acquire an automobile. Plus the too much cost of renting a garage is almost in accordance with your monthly rental fee. Automobile spaces are limited as well, so you often require to be lucky even locating an empty one. Room is a high-end in Japan, and it is something that your budget will certainly attempt to prevent whatsoever costs.

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In Australia, the trains as well as buses are popular for never ever getting on time. The weekend break is a total mess too, as trains have a lot of track job indicating that the train runs out action up until Monday morning! Experiencing track operate in Japan is practically non-existent, as they usually carry out most maintenance in between non-operating hrs. The majority of families in Australia still often tend to have a vehicle. Yet, these days website traffic can be especially hideous during heavy traffic.


Exactly how can you spend your extra time in each country and what there is to do and see?

Australia is well-known for its stunning beaches, large all-natural landscapes, and also obviously intriguing wild animals. However as an individual living in Australia, it can be rather restricted to what you can do every weekend. Taking a trip to one more city, as an example, can take 6-12 hrs by cars and truck or train as they are quite far from each other.

In Japan, however (depending on where you are) the next city can be as little as thirty minutes! Furthermore, the bullet train (Shinkansen) network additionally finishes numerous hundred kilometres. Implying that you can be across the country in simply a number of hours.

The populace of Australia is coming close to 25 million people. Whereas the populace of Tokyo alone is close to 37 million people !!! Isn’t that simply astonishing! This suggests going out in Tokyo anytime can be really active! Yet there are specific things that Tokyo does in different ways.

Solitude or Simple Solidarity?

Firstly, their trading hours for stores are usually 10 am to 11 pm, unlike Australia being the good old 9 to 5. Dining establishments and also bars might shut even later (or otherwise shut at all) in Tokyo. You can find a small location to dine virtually anywhere on the map! Its fairly acceptable to eat or consume alcohol alone too! And having a small conversation to the individual beside you that is additionally there being alone is rather a common occurrence. Try the very same technique in Osaka and also youre guaranteed to have an excellent evening. This is due to their brilliant and also energetic personality and also a more uncomplicated technique! Therefore why most comics come from Osaka!

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In Australia, I don’t really feel extremely comfortable dining alone, or perhaps discover it a little awkward. So much to ensure that, maybe the team would think I have no friends, as well as I bow my head in sadness

You frequently discover weekly or month-to-month occasions in Japan that draw in people from throughout the globe! Among my favourites being when everyone obtains with each other for Cherry Blossom period. Currently of the year, there is alcohol consumption, parties, barbecues and also parties throughout the week! It is entirely sensible to be welcomed to several parties too. One event with your colleagues, an additional with close friends and afterwards even a 3rd one with household!

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Ease Shops

Why have I offered this its very own subject? Once you see the comparison you can thank me later.

Ease Shops in AUSTRALIA:

  • Offer a variety of treats and drinks (no alcohol)
  • Can acquire public transportation cards and top-ups (additional charge may use)
  • VERY EXPENSIVE (a significant mark up on product prices)

Corner Store in JAPAN:

  • Deal a selection of snacks and beverages (consisting of alcohol)
  • Offer fresh food provided several times throughout the day (due to being offered out so rapidly)
  • Can cover up transport cards
  • ATM
  • Can pay costs (including phone/rent)
  • Can xerox/ fax/ scan
  • Buy tickets to events (such as Disneyland)
  • Have parcels provided or packed and also uploaded
  • Open up 24/7 (depending on the city)
  • Loyalty cards (relying on branch)
  • One can be located within 50m from each other!

There are a lot of great points that we have also written a complete write-up concerning them which you can read right here.

Idea it would also deserve stating:

Container of 600mL Coke from Australia: 400yen ($4.50 AUD)

Bottle of 600mL Coke from Japan: 120yen ($1.50 AUD)

1x Mango from Australia: 300yen ($3.50 AUD)

1x Mango from Japan: 2500yen ($30AUD)

When I am back in Australia, my Mango usage has certainly enhanced!

Final Ideas

I assumed it would interest see how different these two countries in fact are, some points might be done much better in one area, yet then the other country can counter that with another thing! No country is far better than the various other! I love them both in their own methods, and I think you would certainly discover me travelling between both for the rest of my life!

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