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Journey in Japan Part 13: Canal City, a wedding, a Japanese massage

Today is Marine Day, but no one allow me recognize. The function of this publicholiday is to thank the sea for all the fish. Stock exchange are closed, so are some shops. The weather condition is nice as well as everybody has actually taken a time off and also a trip to thebeach.

I invest two hrs of my Marine Day parties cyclingbetweenclosed article workplaces. I question why they are all closed? After locating the 4th post workplace to be open, I conclude my company and also leave with wonderful frustration. These three police officers on one-speed bikes soon cheer me up as they chase after a fugitive:

My legs are beginning to harm after days of extreme exercise. I havean eight-kilometre path that I cycle every early morning and every night. I have actually been doing it for fourdays currently. I haveit to about forty mins. Good by my requirements, taking into consideration one-speed and also masses of pedestrians that reduce me down.

I head to Hakata on foot. Outdoors Hakata Terminal, a stage has been erected and god understands what is going on. Individuals on stage finish up vocal singing, We are the Bridge. The signature tune for the Asian Pacific Childrens Convention; a non-profit organisation thatconnects fantasizes around the world.I recognise the song, yet I am uncertain exactly how or where from.

I head to an area called Canal City. This location is substantial.234,460 meters squaredof shops, restaurants, a theater, a Taito Station video game gallery, a cinema, two hotels, and also an interior canal going through the middle. The nickname for Canal City is, the city within the city, as well as it certainly lives up to its name.

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There is additionally a water jet program. The water sprays up into the air from the fountain below. There is a floor covering of artificial turf where kids can obtain absolutely soaked as they evade the water as it drops toward them. A female stands with a huge water gun, shooting the children; agrin on her face.

Journey in Japan Part 13: Canal City, a wedding, a Japanese massage photo 0

If you look very closely, in the home window past the water, a couple are obtaining married.

Back at the hostel, the managerasks me if I ever consume. I was asked this question yesterday by an additional participant of team. It turns out none of the staff here has ever before seen me eating. I try to discuss to them that ten years working nights have reduced me to just eating one dish a day. They don’t recognize.

I head to the Nakagawa River. Heading, I quit and speak with Alan, the busker. He is taking a break, sipping on his Royal Milk Tea. He is from England. Made homeless 8 years back. He sang with a banjo until he made adequate money to acquire a one-way ticket to Australia. For the last eight years, he has actually spent 6 months at a time in various countries. The money he makes busking each day covers the expenses of his accommodation and dishes.

As I stroll throughout the river, my calf bone musclesare injuring. Idecide to have my first Japanese massage. The type isShiatsu, a finger stress massage therapy. I choose to have 50minutes full body, with emphasis on my neck, back, legs andAchilles. After which, I have a ten-minute head and also eye massage therapy. The massage therapy is executed fully dressed as well as is outstanding. It costs me4,470.

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I do not have any kind of photos from the massage therapy, as I didnt have my video camera with me. Instead, slackly, heres a photographI took of tvs earlier today:

I leave the massage therapy feeling great, however the darkness has dropped on Fukuoka, and also I don’t understand where I am. I acquire a container of green tea as well as walk for some time in the vague instructions of Hakata Station, before quiting as well as asking a young Japanese guy which instructions it is.

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He claims to me, I am mosting likely to Hakata, featured me. I follow him up until Japan develops into a Monty Python sketch. Go along, come along, he informs me, over below. I follow him for ten minutes, at each intersection he inspects to see that I am still following him. By doing this, begun, he says, almost there currently. We do undoubtedly arrive at Hakata Terminal. I thank him and also we go our separate means.

I have actually had nofood today, just water as well as environment-friendly tea, and also it is 9 pm. Thirty hours without food, but I don’t feel hungry. Iforce down a Family Mart supper prior to going out to do my washing.

As I open up the dryer door, a voice inside welcomes me with, Irasshaimase! I sit in the Coin Laundry analysis, every from time to time gazing as much as enjoy my clothing spinning. I just discuss my washing since Ienjoyed the orange indication over the dryer. Aid! shouts the tee shirt, about to be gobbled up. After the completely dry cycle is finished, the maker cleverly changes to Cool off Setting. Five mins later on my washing goes to area temperature level, fascinating.The dryer door thanks me as it opens, Arigatou gozaimasu.

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Back at the hostel, I talk to an Italian woman. She left Italy without any money or task and also used whatever money she needed to flyto South Korea. She promptly discovered a work and has actually made a brand-new life for herself. I tell her regarding Alan, the busker; his tale has some comparisons. She tells me that she understands Alan, about four months ago she met him in Seoul. An Englishman with a banjo, right! She exclaims.

A great deal of people I have fulfilled in this hostel are here from South Korea on a visa run. Visa runs out, they fly to Japan, stay for eventually, fly back out. This makes them one more three-month traveler visa. As a visitor, it is legal to trade operate in hostels completely free accommodation, as long as no money exchanges hands. This makes it feasible to proceed travelling for life, and some of these individuals have actually been.

A person from Canada has a huge provider bag full ofjet-black ashes. A souvenir fromKagoshima, he happily informs me. It weighs a tonne.

Check out the next component of my Journey in Japan, where I see Ainoshima cat island byvisit this site.

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