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Much Like Aussies (Australian people), Japanese Acronyms are additionally typical including their very own names to their friends and family names, store names, vocabulary, expressions and also a whole bunch extra. As a means to develop faster ways and simplify communication, Japanese society has actually always been about ease as well as from a language viewpoint, there is no exception.

The first and also most likely crucial word to bear in mind in Japanese is (or Ryakugo) definition abbreviation (or phrase) in Japanese. As lots of words are reduced or abbreviated in normal interaction, it is excellent to at least understand the term.

A straightforward instance of just how this benefits peoples names can be made use of for Ken Shimura or Shimura Ken-san, that is a really famous Japanese comedian, is what he would certainly be hired much more courteous Japanese. When abbreviated the name comes to be or ShimuKen, which is his household name abbreviated and then linked to his given name to form a solitary word.

An additional instance can be likewise put on firms, and also as we know Japan has many global as well as well-known brand. If we check out Toshiba, which is a generally known electronics manufacturer, this name is really likewise an acquired title, made up from its initial 1939 firm name of Tokyo Shibaura Denki, utilizing the To from Tokyo as well as Shiba from Shibaura to form the last name.

Listed below we have given a listing of frequently used abbreviations and got words made use of in Japanese today:


  • (Sebun) or Sebun Irebun (7 Eleven)
  • (Famima) or Famiri Maatoo (Household Mart)
  • (Sutaba) or Sutaabaakusu (Starbucks)
  • (Todai) or Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University)
  • (Konbini) (Corner Store)

Company Names:

  • Toshiba Tokyo Shibaura Denki
  • Nissan Nippon Sangyo


  • (Oosu) is a basic informal greeting used similarly to hi or hello
  • (Ake Ome) or Akemashita Omedetou Gozaimasu (Delighted New Year)

Loanwords (Romaji):

  • (Anime) or Animeeshon (Computer Animation)
  • (Dejikame) or Dejitaru Kamera (Digital Camera)
  • (Depaato) or Depaatomento Sutoa (Chain Store)
  • (Eakon) or Eakondishonaa (Ac System)
  • (Hitokara) or Hitori Karaoke (Bachelor Karaoke)
  • (Paripi) or Paatii Piipuru (Party People)
  • (Pasokon) or Paasonaru Konpyuutaa (Personal Computer)
  • (Rabuho) or Rabu Hoteru (Love Hotel)
  • (Rimokon) or Rimooto Kontorooru (Push-button Control)
  • (Sumaho) or Sumaato Fon (Cell Phone)
  • (Terebi) or Terebijon (Tv or TV)
  • (Toire) or Toireeto

Celebs Names:

  • (Bradpi) or Braado Piito (Brad Pitt)
  • (DiKapuri) or Reonarudo DiKapurio (Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • (Shuwa-chan) Aanorudo Shuwarutseneegaa (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • (Shimuken) or Shimura Ken (Ken Shimura)

Romaji Abbreviations:

  • CENTIMETERS () Industrial
  • GW or Gooruden Uiiku (Golden Week) usually occurs in the initial week of Might.
  • JK (or Jyoshikousei) an acronym for Women Secondary school Trainee
  • NEET or Niito (also known as or Hikikomori) Describes somebody that has no work, as well as still lives in your home being sustained by their parents; additionally described as socially taken out.
  • NG or EnuJii (No Great) the opposite of alright.
  • OL or Ooeru (Office Lady)
  • PV or PiiBii (Advertising Video clip) normally associates with video.
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