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Journey in Japan Part 55: Conspirators of Treasure

Today Ihavefound treasure. The prize is hidden away in the center of a house in Minowa, down a side street that appears like it brings about a stumbling block, and sits inside a vending device beside a parking area.

The 130 sak cup vending equipment by my home that doesn’t call for age verification, the vending machine marketing lead pipelines in the Asakusa Sight Hotel, and also the vending device selling plastic plaything animals at the system as you get off the Sbu Line at Akihabara Terminal (plastic plaything pets the first point on my mind when I exit a train), can all just be referred to as very strange. But this is Japan, land of the valuing sun, and also the reward today is stashed away inside a different sort of vending machine; the Kings Prize Box.

A sticker label on the front of the equipment displays the English text, Let it get. I angle keep back any longer. I put my 1000 note into the treasure box. Over the note port checks out, One desire, One note! Some of the prizes consist of a Nintendo Duel Display, a PlayStation Vita, as well as even a product vaguely classified as, Famous auto. I adhere to the directions, Press any button and also your desire will certainly begin. I listen to an amazing beat, beforereaching right into the reduced chamber to recover my reward.

My prize rests quietly waiting for me on the makers inner phony turf. Disco Glasses. Made in China. These glasses aren’t something I would typically describe as treasure. They include no lenses, economical plastic, and voice triggered blinking traffic signals. I have no other way of knowing if this machine really supplies the excellent rewards; for all I recognize, the device can be 100% Nightclub Glasses. Bitter and also dissatisfied, I comb the equipment for reimbursement info. My minimal Japanese capability recognizes that I can adhere to the Kings Blog site, if I so need; any kind of details about a reimbursement isn’t quite as honest.

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Unpleasant from my reward, I decide to take trains. I head to Aoyama-itchme Terminal. Today my friend is having an art exhibition in thebasement of Club Edition.Colorful is Power is the name of her display screen; and I have to confess, it is instead vibrant. The location itself is nice; it looks more like a bar than an art gallery though. I have a little conversation with my friend. She is a live painter, as well as having formerly witnessed a few of her real-time art initial hand, I can say that she is an impressive musician. Her work is mostly created at tranceparties or raves; frequently motivated by the mood as well as songs of the occasion. I offer her my Nightclub Glasses, but she gracefullydeclines.

After thegallery/bar, I head outside to find it is raining, greatly. I head via the rain swept roads and also to the terminal to order a train to Komagome. Today is the opening event for an event atRikugien Gardens; an evening of fall illuminations. I pay my300 access cost and also go into the darkness. These three a century old landscape yards have actually been the topic of many rhymes, and its been a while because I wrote a haiku, so right here goes:

Hollow darkness welcomes me,
To black rain singing,
As well as decomposing leaves shouting.

As I stumble with the woods, I eventually see somemaple trees lit by red and green lights. The path is bloated, my footwear squelch as they walk over the thick wet mud. Little lights note the path. I follow it around, appreciating the appeal however really feeling the cold. Some ducks play in the lake, trees sway in the wind, and also vapor pours from the spotlights; their heat producing contrast to the solid wintertime air.

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After walking for regarding a hr, I discover that I am shed. A puzzle of trees lit by sections of lights. Other times I discover myself stumbling about in the quiet darkness. At some point I spot a guardian; he doesn’t have an umbrella, as well as is consequently saturating wet. As I come close to, he doesn’t state a word, instead, he simply lifts his arm and points to a small space in between some trees that seemingly lead straight right into a void. I silently follow his instructions. Ten minutes later I arrive at what looks like a different planet.

Blue light radiances, softly illuminating the dropped autumn leaves. It is a remarkable yet rather scary view, shrouded by mystery as well as trees. A little speaker close by plays calming music. The falling rainfall unintentionally adding to the chorus. I see the patterns of blue smoke for a while, lastly appreciating some illuminations. After observing the spectacle, I head ten minutes via quicksandlike mud, before ultimately discovering the leave.

Back in Asakusa, I drink until midnight, prior to heading toTori-no-Ichi part two; the 2nd day of the rooster this month. Once again people have flocked to the roads, and are roaming around carrying enormous rakes. I am right here for one factor though, the street food market. I purchase some Oriental style yakisoba; a substantial portion of vegetables as well as noodles, topped withkimchi. After that, I sign up with a rather brief line for a 300 bag of hot bakedkasutera. As I devour my much-loved snack, I prize every bite. It goes to this minute that I uncover that the batteries in my Nightclub Glasses have passed away.

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