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Cool Vocabulary for the Cold Winter

You require some cool vocabulary for the cold Winter season. Specifically, as the lonesome mountains gather a brand-new white glow, the ski hotels begin to obtain energy and also the rental shops activity grows. This is the indicator of the beginning of the snow period.

So, right here is our checklist of standard words to assist you via the winter season more quickly. Specifically, you will find a lot of the terms are not so difficult, as they are car loan words from English.

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General Weather Condition Terms

You can generally inform when Japan hits its winter season. In some locations, it experiences huge quantities of snowfall, while others may obtain little to none. Yet, Japan is most definitely cold throughout the cold weather, particularly with its solid wind cools, also in the larger cities. Right here are some essential words for the winter.

(or fuyu) winter months

(or kisetsu) period

(or shiki) 4 seasons. Japan is well known for its charm throughout the its distinctive 4 periods.

(or kion) temperature level.

(or mafuyubi) indicates days which experience 0 Celsius.

(or samui) cold, usually used to define the weather. It shouldnt be puzzled with the other chilly (or tsumetai) likewise implying cool (to touch). As an example, a cool beer.

(or atatakai) cozy environment, or warm climate. It is conveniently puzzled with the same word (or atatakai) which is used for feelings or feelings. As an example, a cozy heart.

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(or tenki) weather

(or tenki yohou) weather report

(or kumo) cloud

(or kumori) gloomy or cloudy weather

(or yuki) snow

(or ooyuki) heavy snow

(or fubuki) implies snowstorm or snow storm

(or mizore) sleet, a mix of rain and also snow

(or sasame yuki) snow

(or paudaa sunoo) powder snow

(or kiri) fog or haze

(or noumu) heavy fog or mist

(or kaze) wind. It is quickly puzzled with the very same word (or kaze) significance cold, as in health issues. As an example, the cold.

Winter Activities

In Japan, winter is the time for wintertime sporting activities, farewelling the old year as well as inviting in the new year. Skiing and snowboarding are the most preferred tasks, as people carve up the powder snow. It has even played host to the Wintertime Olympic games and also continues to offer world-class resorts throughout the country. Right here are some snow activity relevant vocabulary.

(or skii) ski

(or arupain) alpine skiing

(or arupen) alpine snowboarding

(or kurosutantorii) go across country skiing

(or Sunoboo) snowboard

(or sunoo boodo) snowboard

(or sunoo boodaa) snow boarder

(or aisusukeeto) ice skates

(or tobogan) toboggan

(or sori) sled or sleigh

Winter Clothing

If you are taking a trip throughout Japan in the winter, you may need some gear for the chillier climate. Either that or you may want to rent out some gear for your ski or snowboarding adventures. Here is a checklist of the most common apparel you will certainly use throughout the cooler months.

(or seetaa) sweatshirt

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(or kooto) coat

(or jyaketto) jacket

(or reinkooto) raincoat

(paakaa) parker or hoodie

(or tebukuro) gloves

(or mufuraa) muffler or headscarf

(or buutsu) boots.

(or skii buutsu) ski boots

(or sunoo buutsu) snow boots

Miscellaneous Winter Months Terms

The following is a checklist of other general terms typically related to the coldest period in Japan.

(or sunoo booru) snowball

(or yukidama) snowball

(or yuki daruma) snow male

(or sunoo guy) snow guy

(or nadare) avalanche or snowslide

(or koori) ice

(or ki) tree

(or kasa) umbrella

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