Journey in Japan Part 33: Dance, Dance, Dance

Journey in Japan Part 33: Dance, Dance, Dance photo 0 asakusa

It is humid today, an amazing 31C with spots of rain, the ideal climate for dancing in the street. I head over to Tawaramachi Station for a train to Shibuya. From Shibuya Terminal, I head to Yoyogi Park, stopping off at theTobacco and Salt Gallery. The sign in the window reassures me that the museum will relocate toSumidain springtime following year. It closed nearly a year back. I start to ask yourself why it takes virtually a complete two years to relocate the contents of a gallery.

I continue my walk, taking a detour through a, Shopping road that behaves to people, prior to ultimately coming to Yoyogi Park. This weekend there is a celebration held at the Yoyogi Park event open area, the Battle of the Udon.

There are nine different television stations right here. There are nineteen various udon stands, each marketing their very own regional selection of udon noodles. Stalls also sell numerous non-noodle based beverages as well as treats. The best noodles from throughout Japan have come right here to contend in the countries largest food competition.Every bowl of noodles is charged at a flat price of 500. When you order food at the Battle of the Udon you are offered a ballot card with the name of the delay. On the last day of the event, the ballots are tallied up, as well as the very best udon in Japan is crowned.

The noise right here isdeafening; every store has a banner, mascot, and also an individual with a megaphone shouting at me to visit theirstore.Some of the mascots arebetter than others. I truly like delay number 18s mascot, from Nagoya; they are promotingtheir Kishimenstyle udon noodles.

I most likely to stall number 19, from Saitama Prefecture, supplying Shoji design udon noodles. As I come close to the store, the individual at the counter screams, Welcome! in English, as well as literally invites me with open arms. When I get there he connects his hand to shake mine. He looks really delighted that I selected his shop; probably he takes pride in the food he makes.Udon! I exclaim, my smile matched his.

After food, I head back to Asakusa. I exit Tawaramachi Station to the audio of tourism as well as the view of umbrellas. The rain has started nowbut the program will certainly take place. Today is theannual Asakusa Samba Circus, half a million individuals are expected to go to. The roads are loaded on every side, and also the roads are shut to cars. The circus is practically to begin.

This festival first began in1981, when the mayor ofTait-ku invited the winning group of the Brazilian Rio Circus to perform on the streets of Asakusa. Each of the groups has their very own style, but effectively, they complete to be crowned the winner of a dancing contest. The parade begins behind Sens-jitemple, where a display of the floats is complimentary to inspect, and easily finishes near to Tawaramachi Terminal.

The groups vary in style. There is a Puzzles & & Dragons float, loads of marching bands, women dancing the Samba dressed in typical Brazilian clothes. Some teams even have a comedy facet, like ladies with fish on their heads or dance clowns. For the remainder of the afternoon, fully of Asakusa is to life with the soundof drums as well as loud songs.

At 5 pm I determine to consume some food from 7 Eleven, prior to heading to theFlying God Holy place.

The Legend of Tobi-Fudo comes from the Shobo-in Temple. It wasfirst builtin1530. Once upon a time, the chief clergyman of this temple mosted likely to the Omine Hill in Nara prefecture to pursue his knowing, he tookthe principal photo of Buddha with him to the mountain from his temple, but the principal picture flew back to this place in Edo within one night as well as provided diving favors to individuals. I am not sure what diving favours are, however this iswhat it said at the temple entryway. I think it is supposed to claim divine.

In recent times, people see the holy place to pray for security in air travel. Hoping their planedoesnt collision. I expect diving is probably the incorrect word to be using when talking about air accidents. There is additionally an indication stating a festival takes place in October on the templegrounds. I include it to my schedule and also leave.

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