Denpoin Garden The Secret Gardens of Asakusa

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Denpoin Garden is the complete stranger concealed inside Asakusas popular Tokyo midtown district full of practice, culture and background. Whether it be through the well known Sensou-ji () Temple, 5 Floor Pagoda, Kaminarimon gateway (the entryway to Sensou-ji) or the several (and also there are numerous) rickshaws () waiting outdoors offering regional led excursions throughout the location. The one place you may have completely missed out on though is the Denpoin temple and yards hid between Sensouji as well as Denpoin-Dori.

The garden itself utilized to be locked away permanently from the public eye, and would generally open for special occasions only. Nonetheless, recently its doors are open once more, albeit for a minimal time, throughout springtime. Starting in mid-March to early Might, evictions open just in time to welcome the gorgeously pink Cherry Blossoms as well as warmth of the spring season.

The premises are rather small, extending out to a small 10,000 metres settled, nevertheless, the gardens appeal is the abundant color scheme as well as delicately cut vegetation. Meticulously polished bushes have been trimmed so precisely it appears for generations, ponds populated by golden carp fish sit silently calm bordered by perfectly maintained lush green lawn. A couple of little rock bridges connect the rough concrete course that loopholes via the yard. You can also catch some suitable shots of the 5 storey pagoda situated next door, plus Tokyos Skytree in the backdrop reaching for the paradises.

Entryway to the Park is a short stroll from Sensou-ji holy place and Kaminarimon gateway. Entrance usually sets you back 300 yen, as well as it operates between the hours of 10:00 to 16:00.

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