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Journey in Japan Part 30: Dog Day, Afternoon

Back in Tokyo, and also today in Nihonbashi there is a yearly celebration occurring, the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri. It is just one of the 3 fantastic Shintofestivals in Tokyo and also is most likely the biggest.

Every three years the event is celebrated completely. Today, as well as just today is one of nowadays. There are one-hundred as well as twenty portable shrines, there are three hundred thousand individuals getting involved, there are half a million viewers; not a good day to be on a bike.

The groups of individuals toss buckets of water over the people carrying the temples, to cool them down. The event is likewise known as the Water Fight Festival. It has to be effort carrying these substantial shrines in the blistering heat; especially today, with its celebration skies. I leave the groups as well as explore Nihombashi for some time. I check out the renowned Nihonbashi Bridge, however it doesn’t actually move me.

After the festival, I chose to satisfy my close friend Paul, a Scotsman I satisfied back in Fukuoka. We initially head to Akihabara Yodobashi Video camera, an electronics chain store. This location is significant, has 9 floors, and offers practically every little thing. Paul is shopping for earphones and also this shop has thousands to pick from; the earphone screen is established in such a way that you can connect them into your deviceand try them out. While Paul does this, I rest and play an electric piano. A homeless male sits down at the piano alongside me and also ruptureds into an incredible classical item. He plays well, really well. It isa shame to see somebody with a lot talentgoing to waste.A genuine shame.

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After headphones, we take a fast trip on the Yamanote Line to YrakuchStation. Outside the terminal, we go into one more enormous electronic devices store, Bic Video camera. Below we remain in search ofa legendary Casio CA53W-1. This is, naturally, the classic Casio watch with a calculator. At twelve o’clock at night on 31st December 1999, the Casio calculator watch was the only digital tool in the world to be tested by thefamous Millennium Pest. Extensive panic ensued when everyone with this watchtravelled back in time to the year one-thousand. Watch not found, we surrender as well as take the train back to Akihabara.

There was me, that is Luke, and also my droog, that is Paul, and we beinged in the Akihabara Milkbar attempting to compose our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.

We decide onavideo video games arcade. Paul wins a tee on a Crane Claw maker and gives it to me as an existing. After shedding through afew thousand Yen, we most likely to play several of the timeless capturing video games. The game we select is a cross in between your traditional shooting-monsters-with-a-gun type video game and a dance game where you struck buttons according to the rhythm. The video game likewise boasts a very thorough story.

The game is, obviously, the incredible, Sailor Zombie: AKB48.

The participants of girl idolizer band AKB48 have actually been developed into zombies, and also it is our task to eliminate them. My preferred part is when the zombies all quit attacking us and also randomly burst into song and also dancing, therefore setting off the rhythm game. We play with 15 continues, possibly an hour passes, prior to giving up and also heading to Asakusa for a festival.

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For the last couple of days, the Obonfestival has actually been happening in Japan. A 500-year-old Buddhist festival with a focus on the dead. Today is the last day of Obon, as well as the Asakusa Summer Night Festivalis taking place. Theevent firststarted in 1946, after the end of the 2nd Globe Battle. It began as a way for individuals to bid farewell to those that died. I arrivebefore the opening event, as well as the bridge is currently overflowing withtourists.

The Japanese name for this occasion is TrNagashi, actually equating to flow of lights. Right here you can purchase a little paper light for 1500. The light represents the soul of a dead family member. You can write a message on the light, mark time, thenrelease it into the water.I locate it all extremely abstruse.

As the lights float down the Sumida River, the dead returnto the other globe, at last.A certain grief hangs the air, adding to mymacabre.

After the celebration, Paul as well as I head to a Japanese bar that is hidden away behindSens-ji. There are possibly ten small bars in this area, all with 3 to four bar feceses. I havewanted to consume alcohol in among these secret bars for rather a long time, yet never ever had the courage to go into alone. If I provided you directions to this location, I doubt you would certainly even have the ability to locate it, the place is reallywell concealed, and my instructions really are horrible.

We select a littlebar called Tom. This barboasts 5 bar feceses and is large in comparison to the various other bars in thearea. I Was Created Lovin You by Kiss bellows fromthe speakers. Two Japanese males take up two of the stools, and we join them on 2 others. The barman is slightly drunk. We order a Highball as well as a beer for500 an item, and are dealt with to complimentary peanuts.

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Then a canine appears.

The canine is so friendly as well as comes as well as rests with us. It turns out that Tsutomo, the owner, lives over bench. Westay for a while, I out-drink Paul as well as he ultimately leaves. I stay for 2 even more. The two Japanese guys below speak really littleEnglish, and also the pet doesn’t really speak much.I rest, consuming mainly in silence, checking out a dog. Anatypical end to the evening.

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