Journey in Japan Part 56: Dome Alone

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Over the last few days the temperature has obtained progressively cooler. Winter months is finally upon us. Just recently, as I have been wandering around in simply a brief sleeved t-shirt, I have started to lose count of the variety of times that I have been asked, Aren’t you cool? The weather today is 18C, as well as Tokyo is simply a rainstorm far from being reminiscent of an English summer.I head out into the freezing cold in search for something to do.

My very first stop is an occasion in Asakusa referred to as Neko Matsuri, converting to suggest Cat Celebration. Unfortunately, a far better translation would most likely be Feline Frustration. The celebration is two little market delays offering feline postcards as well as biscuits with pet cat deals with on them. Nothing else. Not even a pet cat mascot to picture. I leave the celebration and start walking in the direction of Ueno Park to see some ninjas.

Today is the Iga-Ueno Ninja Celebration. Market stalls right here sell expensive food, a band on stage comprises of 8 young women dancing and looking exhausted, and also the only ninjas below are those trying to fool small children right into winning rubbish rewards at fairground style attractions.Once once again, not a really amazing event for me; probably this is more of a family occasion however, and also coming here alone at thirty-three years of ages, I am possibly not the target audience.At the very least I got to see a man dressed as a ninja though.

I take a short roam towards Akihabara Station. In the station I am surprised to find that simply outside the entry to theSbu Line, is an online songs occasion called JR Live. With 5 various lines at Akihabara Terminal, only the people heading to this platform get to witness the delights of this event. An odd location for a stage, if you ask me.

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The band are worn joyful garments as well as are performing an acquainted song, yet I cant rather position it. The poster states that, This small orchestra can be delighted in by both children as well as the elderly. Once again today, I don’t fairly match the age market, as well as consequently, I cant delight in the music.

I take a train and reach Suidobashi Terminal. Right here, I stroll 5 minutes to Tokyo Dome. Today, and also for the following three months, the whole of Tokyo Dome City is wrapped in light as component of its yearly winter illuminations.

It becomes apparent to me that right now of year, erroneous the interesting celebrations seem to have actually completed, only to be replaced by Christmas illuminations and various other cheery occasions. In a country where fewer than 1% of the population are Christian, I find it unusual that numerous areas are littered with Christmas decors, are playing Christmas music, as well as are advertising a vacation that does not rather in shape in with traditional Japanese Society.

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The theme for this years Tokyo Dome illuminations is Light of Promenade, as well as there are great deals of lights. 2.2 million to be exact. Tourist attractions include the Galaxy Dome, the elaboratelytitled, Remarkable Chandelier, as well as aMilky Means of light, including a 140 metre long corridor lit by movement sensors. The corridor of lights alter colour as people stroll underneath them. The corridor is directly under the path of a well lit roller coaster; as the flight barks above, the lights flicker as well as shake.

Regardless of the refined Christmas motif featuring only 9 enormous Xmas trees, the rest of the illuminations look fairly nice. A crucial version of A Whole New Globe from Disneys Aladdin plays from every audio speaker in the vicinity, a large sculpture of Ultraman stands guard beside a glass pyramid of multicoloured lights, as well as individuals dressed in Santa Claus outfits dash about cheerfully.

Alone, I stroll the full length of the illuminations, passing pair after couple holding hands and also smiling. I realise that this is my very first time to seeany public displays of love in Japan. It advises me of simply exactly how lonely it is below; the mix of Christmas displays, pretty lights, as well as couples in love. I take one last picture of some common trees, prior to heading back to the train station.

On the train, I see an indication that claims, Merry ChristmaSOCKS!, and it instantly joys me up.

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