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Journey in Japan Part 54: Fuji in the Sky with Diamonds

It is 16:20 and also I remain in Ikebukuro, standing in the observation deck on the sixtieth flooring of a structure called, Sunlight City. Taking into consideration the spectacle I will witness this mid-day, I angle think of an extra suitably titled building than one that includes the word sunlight in its name.

Today there is an occasion that takes place on simply two days annually. In five minutes time the sun will set behind the peak of Japans most well known volcano. The event is referred to as Diamond Fuji, and occurs twice a year when the sun both surges as well as embed in best placement with Mount Fujis top. I am not quite certain what to expect, besides rubies.

I wait eagerly with the crowds of people that fill the home windows along the complete size southern side of the building. As the sunlight quietly begins to set, dissatisfaction fills the air.

Journey in Japan Part 54: Fuji in the Sky with Diamonds image 0

Today has actually been reasonably clear regarding the sky is worried, however, the air over Mount Fuji has lots of cloud, making it instead difficult to construct out also the slightestoutline of the mountain. No diamonds below, simply a rather eye-catching sunset hanging over the miniature buildings that comprise the endless Tokyo sky line. I angle actually complain though, I am witnessing a superb sundown; the skies looks remarkable as it comes to be illuminated by the setting sunlight.

I wait around for a while among the various other professional photographers and Japanese people making peace indicators for their sunset selfies. In one hour the skies will certainly be dark, so as to get my 620 worth, I choose to linger. The observatory is a fantastic place for seeing Tokyo, using romantic and exotically gorgeous sights. The building additionally stays open for evening watching. My plan currently is to hang around a bit at 251 metres, in hopes of grabbing a few shots of Tokyo during the night.

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The night sets in, I take a couple of pictures before having a little stray around the observatory. There is a vending equipment marketing ice cream, so I treat myself to a cost-effective blueberry cheesecake cone. There is also a tiny caf called, Air Ship marketing food that looks truthfully terrible. There is a small art gallery, a present store, and additionally a location where professional musicians draw caricatures; all the usual cash rotating nonsense. Strangely, there are likewise several small heart rate monitoring makers up below costing 100 a go. Why any person would certainly come all in this manner to obtain their heart rate examined is beyond me.

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After checking out, I head back down the unusually named, Radiating Lift. I am half expecting Jack Nicholson to rupture with the door at any moment, as the lift comes down at six hundred metres a min. The lift rather turns into a planetarium, showing alight program that could be celebrities, yet could also be undersea shimmers; the visuals readied to some relaxing space/ocean music.

Journey in Japan Part 54: Fuji in the Sky with Diamonds image 2

At the end of the lift, there is a photograph that mockingly displays the spectacle that we all came right here to view. Unfortunately, what I saw was nothing like the display assured by the poster. Simply another sunset.

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