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Harrys Sandwich Co Prime American Comfort Food

Harrys Sandwich Carbon monoxide strikes a careful balance in between homemade comfort-food and also genuine American food preparation. Especially, when your Californian close friend reassures you of its genuine American character, taste as well as authentic environment.

Harry, is the modest owner, cook, bartender, cooking area hand and service personnel (did I miss any?). A true American from the San Francisco area. Harry encounters really down-to-earth as well as teems with knowledge, not just on the city however higher Tokyo food scene too.

Love for All

In fact, his love of both Japan and residence appears. The wall surfaces of the coffee shop are full of magnificent pictures of the bay and bordering location. Including some remarkable showing off takes featuring the Warriors NBA team and also the 49ers football team. Hearing his discussion regarding his love for computer game as well as Pokemon-go with various other clientele better confirms this concept.

The little eatery is located in the narrow backstreets of the elegant area of Harajuku. His prime location is locked away on the third flooring in an aging unassuming building looking like a residential block. The place is a little obscure, yet with ample signs, it is very easy to browse the puzzle of pathways as well as staircases. We adhere to the staircases as much as the leading flooring and we are pleasantly welcomed by his distinct orange color scheme.

Today appears to be our fortunate day, as we find the little cafe-esque store deserted. Simply our good luck? In any case, we were pleasantly stunned there were no lines to deal with during the top of lunch hr.

A True American Food Selection

The menu itself is rather basic to follow for many choices. Sandwich combinations consist of chips and drink. Naturally, if youre feeling adventurous you can size up 400 yen for a beer or various other liquors. The wonderful sense of value below is that costs coincide for lunch as well as supper no matter the moment of day.

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This was our debut to this great little eatery. Normally then, we sought advice from Harry for his suggestions. He gestured us towards the Meatball Hero and Pork Cubano. The Meatball product he informed us is his current seasonal favourite.

Our Culinary Experience

The Meatball Hero, as its properly named, has homemade meatballs in a deliciously combined marinara sauce. This is enhanced with fresh mozzarella cheese inside the fresh bread roll. The mix of homemade meat, sauce and cheese flavours in a sandwich was a wild trip for the detects.

The Pork Cubano is a sandwich inspired from Cuba. It features smoked seasonal pork as well as ham, incorporated with mustard, cheese and pickles. All of these ingredients inside two pieces of toasted bread, help to make a crunchy, weighty taste with an added kick. The pickles definitely help to complete the scrumptious experience.

After finishing our order, we were both still really feeling hungry for more. This was considering the truth we had both avoided breakfast, we understood we needed even more to heal our cravings. So, we spoke with Harry again. This time he provided us an off the food selection special he appropriately names the Buffalo Hen.

Out of the 3 sandwiches we ate, this the very best yet. According to my close friend, this was a sandwich in real American design as well as enthusiasm. I thought him as well, as this was one of the most tantalising recipe I had actually tried until now. The hen incorporated with Franks Red Hot sauce as well as blue cheese is a meal sent out from paradise. Its ultimate blend of rich, creamy and also seasoning is an explosion of flavours for your taste.

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Other choices

Harrys menu is full of various other options also, with numerous vegetarian-friendly options. These include the Nassu, which comes from the Japanese word for eggplant. He likewise loads a Caprese and Grilled Cheese to name a few non-meat friendly choices.

As an Aussie living in Tokyo, I like the flavour, cultural richness as well as selection of Japanese cuisine. However, it must be my international (gaikokujin) blood that constantly betrays me with western food cravings I eventually need to please. So, I am glad to say that Harrys delivers by the bucketload. We highly recommend you examine it out quickly!

Harrys Sandwich Carbon Monoxide Information:

Opening Hrs: 12 pm 11 pm daily other than Tuesdays

Address: Tky-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingmae, 1-16-7, MS Structure 3F or you can discover it below on google maps.

Web site: https://www.facebook.com/harryssandwichco/

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