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Hello Kitty says Hello to Japans Shinkansen

Cartoon or anime inspired trains have long been an usual view across Japans whole network, but as the Evangelion 500 collection themed Shinkansen is quickly to retire, prepare to greet (or/ Harro in Japanese) to Hi Kittys brand-new 500 series of speeding up bullets on rails.

Introduced by JR West, this package of rapid-fire cuteness will serve the Sanyo Shinkansen lines between Shin-Osaka to Hakata (Fukuoka). Spruced up in an extremely kawaii JR attire as well as her trademark pink bow, Feline is the brand-new mascot heading the high-speed service lined in pink bow. The bows underlying importance is how it connects and brings individuals to the surrounding areas of the Sanyo line.

Strategies include special screens in the very first and also second carriages featuring the quickly recognisable pink colour theme. The very first carriage will certainly carry special displays to help to advertise the main locations serviced by the Sanyo line, including Shimane, Kansai, Hyogo, Hiroshima as well as Fukuoka. The 2nd carriage will certainly be outfitted in all of Kittys charming pink and ribbon palette with matching decor, however, there are still no certain details concerning the feel and look.

With the retired life of the Evangelion collection planned for May, Feline fans are possibly anticipating a June/July launch as JR West validates the recently themed solution will certainly start in Summer this year. For the complete announcement, you can take a look at the video clip below or the main website.

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