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Today I have a meetingwith a robot. I take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Aoyama-itchme Terminal. My destination is theHonda Coffee shop in the Honda Aoyama Building. I get here an hour early, so I make a decision to wanderfor a little bit. I head to the NHK building but it does not looklike its for tourists, so I leave. I walk the size of Aoyama Burial ground. I pass the time in the park. Eventually, it is 3 oclock, robot time!

I get in the Honda caf. The ground floor of thebuilding functions a small stage and also a screen of autos and bikes. As I roam around, every participant of personnel welcomes me with a cheerful, Hey there, as well as an overly practiced smile. TheHonda Aoyama Building is for free to enter. There is a small shop selling remarkably cheap beverages, the coffee is just 200 a cup, and also hot too!

Public Exhibit Number One

I take a seat five minutesbefore the exhibit is to begin. I am the only person below that isn’t wearinga business match. There are thirty chairs, however morethan fifty percent are empty. A manufacturing facility construction line of a cars and truck being developed is revealed on a big screen. I wait excitedly for it to finish. When it finally does, a female appears, a door opens, and also an unusual maker drives itself onto the centre of the phase.

The females talks just in Japanese, yet thankfullythe show screen attributes English message. What I am seeing is a brand-new Honda product called, Uni-Cub. The Uni-Cub is a flexibility gadget that travels at 6km/h. The machinedrives around the stage for a while, before the female givingthe talk sits on the tool to demonstrate its capacity.

I am not exactly sure how she is controlling it, she simply appears to tilt her body in a basic instructions, and the important things actions. It is rather remarkable and I want one. I take a few pictures, but the other people here don’t appear to pay it much passion; I imagine they are just below for the centerpiece. After the Uni-Cub is flaunted for a while, the lady drives off the phase and also right into an entrance, before going away into the darkness. The video display shows some details concerning the Uni-Cub. 2 mins later on, ASIMO appears.

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Partially Mechanical, HardlyHuman

ASIMO is a phrase that represents Advanced Step in Cutting-edge Wheelchair. He is a humanoid robot, with Artificial Intelligence. ASIMO was developed as a method to help individuals. A method for robotics and human beings tocoexistence in consistency. A principle illustration shows up on the screen showing a robotic carrying boxes up some stairs. A helper robotic. It is all component of the vision that Honda have; their marketing sloganbeing, The Power of Desires. Sadly, The Power of Desires doesn’t fairly stretch to seating. The chairI am sitting in during thisdemonstration is the most uncomfortable seat I have ever before experienced.

ASIMO flaunts several of his abilities. He can dance, stand on one leg, dive with both feetoff the ground, as well as can run, quick. Hiswalking rate is 7km/h, which is slightly faster than the Uni-Cub. I learn that they are both developed utilizing the very same innovation. ASIMO evaluates simply 50 kilos and also stands 130 centimetres high.

The presentation continues in Japanese. Honda startedto construct robotic technology that is useful to people back in 1986. The earlier versions E1, E2, as well as E3 were concentrated on creating a robotic that can stroll like a person. E4, E5, and E6 were concentrated on stairway climbing. Next off, a body, arms, and a head were added and also Hondas initially humanoid robot, P1, was birthed. More growth result in P2 and also P3, where they concentrated on minor enhancements and automation. Finally, in October 2000, ASIMO was revealed for the very first time.

A Dream called Honda

After some more talking and also points on the display, ASIMO chooses to sing for us. ASIMO has the extraordinary ability to connect in sign language, and today he sings for us hisoriginal indicator language tune, Making Dreams Come True.

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The sky looks lovely today, The clouds flying lightly above.I wonder, will certainly tomorrows skies will certainly [sic] be just as nice?And exactly how will certainly our skylook in the future?Lets cherish
our dreams today, as well as satisfy our desires tomorrow.Lets combine our strength, and attain our desires with each other! After his song, ASIMOwaves at us and also claims, Thank you. There is then a possibility for me to have my photo taken with him. He stands as well as makes human movements with his head as well as periodically talks. He seems to be able to recognise if individuals are Japanese or not. When a Japanese individual rises to have a photograph taken, he addresses them in Japanese. When I rise, he addresses me in English. Smile, smile, he claims, 3 2 1 His English voice sounds like Pinocchio, the Disney character. The whole discussion lasted a total of

twenty-fiveminutes. I am pleased to have finallyseen one of the most advanced robotics around. After the presentation, I look into the little keepsake shop.It offers ASIMO stuffed playthings, essential rings, and other assorted scrap. On the train ride back to Asakusa, I consider the future of robotics. I actually hope that somedayin the future, Iwill be travelling around on my Uni-Cub with my really own ASIMO running along with me. Weekday showtimes:13:30, 15:00, and 16:30 Weekend and public holidays:11:00, 13:30, 15:00, and 16:30 All

performances at 16:30 can be enjoyed in English
. Address: Honda Welcome Plaza,2-1-1 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku
, Tokyo Telephone:03 -3423 -4118 Internet site:

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