How to Buy Tickets for the New Mt Fuji Excursion Express

How to Buy Tickets for the New Mt Fuji Excursion Express image 0 asakusa

Probably you found out about the brand-new Mt Fuji Expedition Express from Shinjuku, which started on March 16 this year. Because JR introduced the service, there has been some complication regarding just how to purchase tickets, where and schedule operation. As a result, below is our fast guide on exactly how to purchase tickets, where to go, expenses as well as scheduling.

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Firstly, the solution is limited to two morning and also afternoon solutions. The initial 2 morning solutions operate from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko, with one at 8:30 am and also the next and also last at 9:30 am. The return service back to Shinjuku operates in the afternoon, and it leaves from Kawaguchiko at 15:05 as well as 17:38. The overall journey takes 1 hour as well as 52 mins, will certainly supply scenic views of Mt Fuji from a number of vantage points in the process.

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Specifically, the service also quits at Tachikawa, Kichioji as well as Otsuki. And also, you can make use of the solution to get to other terminals like Mt Fuji, Fujikyu-Highland (theme park) as well as ultimately Kawaguchiko. Similarly, the other way around on the return journey back to Shinjuku.

The 3 carriage train has a number of nice functions to compliment the solution. These consist of toilets, huge baggage space, comfy seats and also power outlets. The seating includes two rows of comfortable reclining seats on either side of the train. The storage space is rather big to fit numerous luggage too.

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The electrical outlets are the standard Japanese two prong connector type.

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Ticket Prices differ according to your final location and also start from 3,940 yen for Mt Fuji Station. Even more, for Fujikyu-Highland it is 4,000 yen or 4,060 yen to Kawaguchiko station the last quit on the line. Please note these costs are for one method only, no a round trip, so you will certainly require to pay this cost twice for the return journey.

To buy tickets you will require to head to the JR Ticket Office (midori-no-madoguchi), which are readily available at most terminals. They normally open up from 10 am, and also you can schedule tickets approximately one month before your departure. The JR Rail Pass can also be utilized to subsidise a lot of the journey. However, you will certainly need to pay a service charge for use of the Fujikyu railway lines. For more details about purchasing tickets, please check the JR East internet site.

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