How to (Cheaply) Furnish your Japanese Apartment

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So, just how to equip your Japanese house you have ultimately located? Naturally, depending on your finances, readily available room and style preferences there are a number of choices readily available to you. You may want to buy mostly made use of things, a combination of made use of and new or splash out with a designer plan. Whichever circumstance you locate on your own in, I intend to offer some much better understanding on some of the choices readily available.

Naturally, if you haven’t located a Japanese apartment yet, you might like to review very first regarding a few of the rental alternatives readily available, which we have available here.

When I relocated into my initial Japanese apartment or condo, I was lucky enough to rent out a place that was rather semi-furnished. However, you will probably be paying a (heavy) costs for the benefit, so often furnishing on your own can save you cash in the long-lasting. When I moved out of my semi-furnished, then I discovered my very own location, completely vacant and also all set for enhancements. So, I wish to be able to present some of my experience and also expertise to those searching for alternatives.

Utilized furnishings

Probably the most affordable, but not constantly the most convenient or most dependable is by way of second hand or used items. In Japan, I felt there were not as several options as Australia, however if you look hard adequate as well as with a little patience as well as perseverance, you ought to be able to resource the thing youre after.

The initial website I located a large list of things was Craigslist, with an online reputation for some strange and also remarkable listings, it additionally has a good amount of used great posts. The website can additionally be picked by area, as an example, it has neighborhood listings for the main cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka and much more, which aids particularly if you are not in main Tokyo. Certainly, in the smaller sized prefectures though, this may imply used products are few and far between. One word of care, being an online website I would suggest you beware, particularly if the vendor demands repayment in advance. See to it you can physically see the item first. From my experience with the site, I was lucky sufficient to find a washing equipment, refrigerator as well as small vacuum from one girl and a 32 inch Panasonic TV in excellent problem all for the measly amount of 40,000 yen.

An additional team which might additionally serve is the Sayonara Sale Facebook page, which has a great deal of utilized products. These postings are typically offered by people moving or moving back to their home country. Nonetheless, in a similar way, with Craigslist, I would advise you exert caution when dealing with any individual online, as there were just recently some people attempting to post fake ads within the group. So, please, just spend for things you can actually literally see and take home with you.

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Along with these websites, Book-off is a chain of second-hand items stores situated throughout the nation. Being experts in operation publications, yet additionally stocks a lengthy listing of second-hand CDs, DVDs, comics, video games consoles, mobile phones electronic gadgets and also assorted items. Unfortunately, their web site remains in Japanese, however if you check out the shop you might have the ability to score a bargain or five.

Conversely, you might additionally try your luck browsing (Chko-hin significance made use of products) in Google. This is actually a mixed bag, depending on your luck, area and additionally Japanese capability, you just may stumble upon a used products shop with a bargain or two. Generally shops will be tiny independent shops with restricted room, tending to just equip specific products, with some concentrating on digital appliances, while others may prefer to stock the only furniture. Still worth having a look at in my viewpoint though.

New Furniture

If youre contemplating adhering to new items, among the biggest shops as well as global brands that houses a substantial range of furniture as well as associated things are Ikea. They have an online store also, which believe it or otherwise is also in English. With the website, you have access to all the routine things you would certainly anticipate such as furniture, eating, living space, cooking area related products and also even more. You can also locate a local store in most significant cities, obviously throughout Tokyo, however also in Chiba, Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kumamoto and a lot more. On top of that, the majority of products listings on their site likewise provide measurements, making it very easy for you to inspect dimensions before acquire.

There are an additional Japanese furniture as well as home device shop known as Nitori, with many big display rooms situated within the internal limitations of main Tokyo as well as across higher Japan. While the site remains in Japanese, they have stores located throughout the nation, so you might have the ability to find a store that remains in close distance. Regardless of the language barrier, their internet site is fairly very easy to browse, with an abundance of pictures and pictures to aid recognize the various categories. Their showrooms, despite the fact that smaller sized than Ikea, are still fairly large and also have a lot of furnishings on screen. They are also home to a variety of house accessories including cutlery, glasses, plates, mugs and other cooking tools.


Japan has a distinctive reputation for being an electronic devices powerhouse, both as a developer as well as maker of several electronic home appliances. Somewhat, the main 2 Electronic Shop titans in the nation are practically as outstanding. Both Yodobashi Electronic Camera and also BIC Camera are huge retail chain electronics stores, and depending upon the place are very large, even overshadowing a few of the huge Chain store. A noticeable instance being the Yodobashi Cam store found in Akihabara, including 8 levels of electronic product benefits. On the other hand, BIC Video camera has a large retail store situated directly in front of Yurakucho JR Station, including an option of factory seconds goods and also a large alcohol area, along with the wide variety of electric products in supplies.

Moreover, I have listened to on occasion that rates in these shops are negotiable, albeit having actually never ever tried. Depending upon your level of Japanese, or English degree of the team, you may have the ability to experience some success in conserving a pair hundred yen plus!

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For more details, you also want to read additional methods we have about acquiring price cut electronics products in Japan.

Online stores

Whilst most of the abovementioned stores have some type of on the internet store or web site, there are likewise a handful of internet devoted sellers where you can acquire, as well as yup you presumed it, both previously owned and brand-new items.

Most likely the most famous of the Japanese online websites for pre-owned goods is Yahoo Auctions, being a Japanese only website, it still has an extensive choice of products fully. If your Japanese skills are up to the challenge, this website is certainly worth a peak.

Mericari is a comparable sort of service to Yahoo, becoming fairly popular of late, where Japanese will attempt to auction off their unwanted or utilized products. They do supply the ease of devoted iphone and Android apps, but again I would certainly gather an intermediate level of Japanese is needed to use this service effectively.

Rakuten the Japanese matching to, is additionally an online portal loaded with anything from vehicles, phones, furniture, house accessories as well as even more. The service is a great deal a lot more foreign pleasant, as they offer a range of languages including English, Korean and also Chinese, in addition to Japanese. I used this solution to source some fairly inexpensive, but respectable quality furnishings including a bed, sofa as well as 2 seat eating set, all new. Absolutely worth checking out in my publications.

Amazon is also quite the popular buying site in Japan, as well as being a global firm, additionally offer their Japanese website in English. As a member of their Prime service, you can also access to expedited shipment times, movie as well as television streaming services, online music and more. An additional website that I would certainly take into consideration, specifically if you are already a client of the on-line streaming services.

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