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The Leading 10 Japanese Buzzwords for 2019, in some cases described as (Ryuukougo) or (Hayarikotoba), were evocative a Japan filled with highs and lows. So, lets explore this turbulent top 10 for the last year of this decade. Also, we have supplied their English matchings to aid provide context and meaning for each term.

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OneTeam (Wan Chiimu)

This term was extensively supported as the leading buzzword for 2019, throughout Japans very first time holding the Rugby Globe Mug. Japans success at a global degree of rugby reaching the top 8 was a historic achievement. The host nation came together as one group in front of their local group, bringing them on an exciting and emotional roller rollercoaster. They continued to be unbeaten up until their quarter-final birth, only to be outclassed by an extra experienced competitor. South Africa then took place to win the tournament, yet Japan can still hold their heads high with such an accomplishment.

The blossoms success exceeded the stadium too, bringing an entire nation with each other as one group to sustain them via each suit. Rugby was never ever much of a speaking factor in Japan till the globe mug. Currently, some could argue it could turn into one of the much more popular sporting activities enjoyed by the population.


The name of the new Age as well as a new emperor, it was also one of one of the most well known days by newlyweds. Pairs intending to make use of the new Emperors rising as a prosperous beginning to their new life with each other.

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In a similar way, the brand-new Eras name was about brining Japan with each other in consistency to remain to succeed in the years in advance. Look into our full report on the brand-new Era below.

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Planned Suspension (Keikaku unkyu)

When equated straight it indicates organized suspension, and also came about as a result of the huge Typhoon Hagibis. The prepared suspensions pertaining to the termination of many train services within the Tokyo and bordering areas. The preventative measures were taken as fears expanded concerning the coming close to Tropical cyclones damaging power. The Hurricane left a path of damage, landfall as well as injury in its wake. However, prep work helped to reduce its effect.

Japan experienced an abnormally high variety of huge Tropical storms in 2014. Yet, while many people criticize this on climate change, we wish this was simply a run of rotten luck for the country.

/ (Grinning Cinderella or Shibuko)

She goes by the name Grinning Cinderella, however was similarly labelled the Smiling Assassin by worldwide media. Hinako Shibuno asserted her stake at international fame, in her first professional competition outside her residence turf. She won the British Open with grace and a big intense smile on her face. Her friendliness included the crowd as well as she high fived her new supporters at every hole.

It was her communication with the groups as well as constant screens of pleasure that won them over as well. Therefore, she became a fan favourite overnight. After winning the tournament, her happiness was on complete screen at the press conference. Furthermore, when asked what she would make with her prize money, she just responded she would certainly enjoy desserts.

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Keigen Zeiritsu (Minimized Tax Rates)

The freshly increased 10% usage tax obligation was presented from 1 October 2019. Yet, what might appear like a straightforward boost, really caused complication as well as chaos for local business owner. The increase from 8%, only affected a particular variety of items, and with some exceptions, confusion followed. Therefore, a mirky and also convoluted dual consumption tax system came true.

To make issues much more complicated, cashless settlements can gain individuals a 5% money back incentive on some items. For that reason, the end-user only pays 3% or 5% consumption tax depending upon the products. Wait what?

Tapiru Allows Consume Alcohol Pudding

Literally, this new verbs whole principle was made around the extreme popularity of Pudding in Japan. Tapiru? which indicates releases beverage Tapioca is a preferred term and for the more youthful woman generation, its all the rage. If you haven’t been to Shibuya or any one of the major areas in Tokyo its hard to miss their long queues at Tapioca stands. The Taiwanese born milk tea beverage is a wonderful delicacy as well as favorite amongst Japanese senior high school pupils. This fad has now changed itself right into a prime focus for teams to hang out as well as spend time with each other.

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The combination of Kutsu () meaning footwear as well as using the word too similar in noise to tsu was trying to catch the #MeToo activity. It meant to increase recognition concerning the strict requirements positioned on Japanese ladies in the work environment. The motion was about kicking back certain requirements relating to high heels, and also the stress of work environments requiring this criterion on ladies. Extra generally, it additionally considered things like using get in touch with lenses, demonstrating a double-standard in outfit requirements between genders.


Cashless payments were in vogue in 2019, with a big variety of service providers going into the foray. PayPay as well as Line pay were some of the larger names to enter the ring with the similarity Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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China which has actually come to be a leader in cashless repayments through providers like Alipay has actually expanded past its boundaries to Japan also. Particularly, as the country experiences an increase of vacationers from the nation.

Certificate Handover (Menkyo Hanno)

The increase of senior vehicle drivers associated with car mishaps, especially covered by the media is elevating understanding regarding imperfections in the present driving permit program. The Japanese Government has thwarted to presenting a system to check vehicle drivers at the age of 75, but until now no system has been elected into parliament.

As people beyond 80, particularly in even more backwoods depend on their car to navigate, they are reluctant to turn in their license as their only mode of transportation.

Shady Company Practices (Yami Eigyo)

The concept of suspicious company techniques is not a new revelation in the corporate market, however this year it plagued the Entertainment industry. The rumor which Yoshimoto Kogyo, probably one of the most significant as well as most widely known funny giants, was at the base. In addition, some big-name comics were associated, being caught captivating some shady characters for added fees. These individuals were ultimately release, but the expression had actually currently been developed and the market tarnished in pity.

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