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Johnson Town AN ODE TO Americas past

Hidden in the depths of Saitama, past the Iruma Protection Airbase there lies a little place called Johnson Town. The residents might describe the area as Iruma, located in Saitama prefecture, but Johnson Community is a charming little area that takes you back some 70 years or more. This was a time when Japan was inhabited by foreigners as well as under foreign control.

Japans abandonment at the end of The second world war on August 15, 1945, result in the Allied powers, most of whom were American soldiers, getting here and also settling in Japan. It was the first time, the island was regulated by an international power, and also the citizens would certainly remain on to live for one more 7 years. After this period, a treaty was signed as well as came into impact on April 28, 1952, therefore the soldiers left the war-torn country however left a piece of American history in their steps.

What stays is currently known as the area called Johnson Town, an unknown little area that has ties with some historically considerable events from Japans darker past.

Exactly how to Arrive?

Relying on where you are coming from, Ikebukuro is the best place to head to as a beginning point. Ikebukuro station attaches you to the Ikebukuro line, which supplies a number of services to Irumashi station. Using this line, you can capture an express solution or regular train, which will take you around 30-40 minutes and also cost 440 yen.

The town itself is situated a respectable 20-minute walk from the station if youre ready, or a low-cost taxi fare for those seeking a simpler alternative. Note that getting here there by taxi from the terminal is a relatively very easy trip, as you should have the ability to find numerous waiting parked outside the terminal exit. Nevertheless, going back to the very same terminal by taxi was a better challenge, as they are rare in the Johnson town location.

As you come close to the area, you will quickly identify the community, due to its extending yet colourful as well as welcome English signs as well as distinct American design design. Real estate, with easily recognizable weatherboarding, old wooden verandas as well as furnishings, reminiscent of an old American 1950s movie. Every one of which sits in raw contrast to the bordering Japanese design homes.

Inside the City of Uniqueness

As you begin your trip into the community, there is an eerie feel almost as if you are acting out a scene from a John Wayne standard. Yet, the much deeper you discover, the extra you soon realise this is a primarily Japanese location, without a tip of American life. Johnson town additionally commemorates American design vehicles, as you can locate multiple SUVs, vans, vintage cars, campers and also even more parked in the driveways as well as across the front yards of lots of houses.

The signs that can be discovered on individuals front yards, which I jokingly assume also admires the American way of living or mentality is also intriguing. One specific indicator advising strangers to Keep Out and I estimate No F ** king Trespassing.

Various other areas of interest I came across was a classic tree house, resting set down out the front of one of the shops. This was a sight that revived several sentimental memories from my very early youth of climbing up trees and also playing with the other neighborhood kids. In addition, the place is cluttered with various kinds of present stores, full of American memorabilia, reminiscent from the 1950s as well as American style food cycle, providing a variety of western design dishes, including hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs and the like.

We decided to offer among the hamburgers positions a whirl, as it seemed fitting according to the American style. We proceeded to purchase an Avocado burger each and tacky french fries, which whilst not the healthiest of options, was very gratifying, both in regards to quantity and also preference. The personnel in the restaurant spoke extremely little English, yet as their menus contained pictures this made it simple for both us, and I imagine any type of vacationer lacking Japanese communication abilities. The place we arbitrarily picked to enter additionally had a special and also remarkable collection of American associated goods, including tinned food, sugary foods, chips and various other food things. Moreover, they had what seemed pre-owned clothes and various other military-style instruments.

As we left the diner, we finished continuing to be trip of the city checking out a couple of more gift stores before returning to Irumashi terminal on foot.

Johnson Town is definitely one of the much more unique experiences you can locate just outdoors central Tokyo. From its reminders of old 1950s America to the enchanting little present stores and variety of American restaurants. This blast from the past is an intriguing eventually experience that pleads to be explored. Otherwise just for its classic design as well as novelty aspect but likewise its subtle connection to Japanese background.

You can also locate even more photos of Johnson Community below, although the web site remains in Japanese.

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