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Kanamara Matsuri The Festival of the Steel Phallus

The Event of the Steel Phallus or (Kanamara Matsuri) is held at Kawasaki Temple (Daishi). Oh boy, and is it ever before among the much more fascinating as well as unusual celebrations that goes through the spring period. Occurring around the same time as Hanami hits Tokyo, it is the celebration of the penis in all of its admiring splendor.

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The Tale of the Steel Phallus

The Kanamara Matsuri is centred on a regional penis temple. The story starts with an envious sharp-toothed satanic force, who loves a young woman. Questionable of her, he chooses to conceal inside her vaginal canal. Unconsciously, the female tries to wed two young men, but is cursed by the adversary. This is due to the reality that on each wedding evening the demon bites off the penises of each husband. In despair, the female looks for assistance from a blacksmith. He builds a phallus made from iron to shatter the satanic forces teeth. This brought about the enshrinement of the Steel Phallus, as well as its capability to honor any individual who worships and attends this event.

The History of the Phallus Celebration

The festival originally started in 1969 as well as has actually come to be associated with visitors from around the globe. Actually, all cash elevated from the occasion goes in the direction of HIV research study. Actually, the event itself is additionally specifically sought after by individuals who look for:

  • security from STIs
  • service success
  • a flourishing marriage
  • a risk-free and also healthy maternity
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Adhere to the Mikoshi

In 2018 the festival was hung on Sunday 1st of April. Consequently, as we had actually shown up near to the scheduled start time of 11 am, it implied we signed up with the lengthy, long line. The line itself seemed to be a mainly foreigners, with maybe only a handful of citizens littered throughout the queue. The line itself winded along a number of junctions, some 300 metres or more away from the actual entry to the preliminary venue at Kanayama Temple. Nonetheless, the line relocated along fairly rapidly. So, we at some point got to the temple in concerning 25 mins time.

Inside the shrine you need to weave via the groups to get to any among the lots of stalls. Right here you will discover stands selling numerous penis-related items from food to tee shirts, beer and also even more. You can also see the various Phallus shrines on screen before they depart for the roads outside. At around 12 pm, the mikoshis (mobile temples) head out of the temple and also spill onto the road. From there they obtain carried down to the close-by Daishi Park.

In the meanwhile, you can comply with the mikoshis or you can make your very own way down in the direction of Kawasaki Daishi. This is the primary temple in the area. Right here the place has bathrooms, and also a plethora of stands loaded with food, beverages and also tasks too. This is a terrific place for a preliminary stop, prior to making your method to the last location.

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Resting in the Park

Lastly, the penis mikoshis will certainly be removed as well as put to relax at Daishi Park. While they are on screen, they will be readily available for the obligatory selfies and likewise appreciated by various onlookers. Among the stands scattered around the park, you can likewise locate a big series of event merchandise. These consist of Phallus shaped candies as well as more food and also beverages (alcohol consisted of).

The event makes for an intriguing day out, full of the traditional Japanese ambiance and flavour from your basic celebration. Yet, with the included seasoning of penis inspired souvenirs, food and also obviously the big steel Phallus shrines. It definitely supplies an interesting preference of Japans lesser-known and unmentioned society. Nonetheless, as a result of some of the imagery utilized, you may consider it as improper for youngsters, despite the fact that a lot of attended the occasion.

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