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Kobe the Port City Top 10 Experiences in Central Kansai

Kobe the port city, is the 4th largest port in Japan as well as the fifth largest city in the country. It has a populace of approx. 1.5 million people and also is one of the major centers in the Kansai region.

Kobe is popular for The Excellent Hanshin Quake which rocked the city in 1995, creating significant damages to central framework as well as bordering suburbs. The citys resurgence as well as memory of this tragic occasion still continue to this extremely day.

Kobe Beef is additionally a worldwide renowned resource of top-quality meat, which is finest attempted in its residence city.

Right here are our Top 10 experiences in this diverse district of Central Kansai.

1. The Port City

Kobe is a major port hub in Japan as well as the fourth largest in the nation. Hence, you can appreciate attractive views of the Port Harbour throughout either day or night. Especially, on clear days in the warmer seasons, the representation of the water is a great photo op.

The port itself is additionally considered a prominent day area for many couples. The Port is bordered by going shopping centres, cafes as well as restaurants, or can be ideal for strolls around the harbour. Specifically on Xmas Day, you might observe an unexpected increase in couples in the location.

2. Climb Kobe Tower

Kobe Tower is a 108-meter tall framework that stands out as the biggest tower around the port area. Reaching the 75m glass floor monitoring deck supplies panoramic views of the surrounding region. This consists of the port city, the greater Osaka Bay limits as well as Mount Rokko.

In the evening the towers stunning variety of 7,000 LEDs light up this rare tubular framework as well as harbour. The form of the tower is additionally distinct, as it appears like a traditional drum. This is likewise taken into consideration one of the best date spots in the Kansai area.

Look into our blog post on Kobe Tower for additional information.

3. See the Quake Memorial

Among the greatest catastrophes to strike not just Kobe however the Kansai location was The Wonderful Hanshin Earthquake. On January 17, 1995, the quake struck early in the morning and also caused widespread damages to the city as well as incorporating limits.

In memory of this ravaging occasion, there is a quake memorial website along the Port City, past Kobe Tower. The website maintains some of the damage brought on by the disaster. It likewise serves to celebrate the lives lost from this significant tremor.

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You can discover more about this tragic occasion right here.

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4. Most Likely To Sannomiya Buying

Kobe is usually seen as a stylish town, full of classy dining establishments, fashionable boutiques, abundant people and sensational scenery. As a Port town, some connect that wealth directly as an outcome of the quantity of trade that occurs in the city. Others might consider Kobe Beef as one of the most delicious, pricey and indulgent cuts of meat offered in Japan. In either case, it has an elegant online reputation.

In order to experience this part of Kobe, you need to travel to the style resources of Sannomiya. This district contains costs brands, respected department stores and glamorous people. The restaurants also can also be pricey, particularly those serving the local beef delicacy.

Sannomiya can be accessed by lots of railway lines as it functions as a significant transportation hub for Kobe.

5. Consume in China Community

Kobes China Town includes 2 major streets packed with restaurants, shops, food stands and gift stores. To experience some different Oriental flavours you can escape to this component of town for a different food choice.

Shops in the area are well known for their fit to be tied buns, Chinese style ramen and tapioca drinks. Furthermore, you can find several kinds of boutique as well as lights that line the streets.

The area creates the main part of the Kansai region for the Chinese neighborhood. It has actually remained in existence because the 1860s during early trade. You can discover this location a close 5-minute stroll from Motomachi Terminal.

6. Attempt Kobe Beef

If you know Kobe, after that you have most probably come across Kobe Beef. This is wagyu beef which has been sourced from an unique kind of black cattle reproduce increased in the Hygo Prefecture. The meat is thought about a specialized of the Kobe location, popular for its fatty marble appearance, abundant flavour and inflammation.

Wagyu Beef sliced embellished in a plate on table

Kobe Beef is available throughout the city and also naturally outside also. It can be offered in many means including steak, sukiyaki, shabu or even raw.

Obviously, looking for the most effective restaurants in the Kobe location is as simple as inspecting Tablelog scores for anything 3.5 as well as above. At the time of creating, nonetheless, the top 3 dining establishments noted were Aragawa, Meat Specialty Makura and also Miyasu. Additionally, their prices were detailed from 10,000 yen and above, so you can be certain it will be an expensive but remarkable experience.

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7. Go to Mount Rokko

Mount Rokko is taken into consideration one of the very best viewing places in Japan for evening views. It is among a small list of websites, which supply spectacular beautiful panoramas chances.

It is a decently tall hill, sitting at only 931 metres high, but it is additionally a very popular hiking area. Additionally, many flock to this area to enjoy the warm springs, golf or the bordering garden locations.

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It is stated, the sights from the observation deck are best experienced about 30 minutes after sundown. So we suggest you time your journey around that time, previously in winter season (5 pm) and also later in summer season (after 7 pm). Upfront you can catch the lighting of Kobes brilliant city colours. Past Kobe lies Osaka Bay and the unlimited shinning lights which pan around the harbour.

Access to Mount Rokko is very easy by means of central Kobe or the neighboring Arima Hot Springs hotel. They supply ropeway and also cord auto transportation choices.

You might additionally have an interest in our write-up that lists the most effective evening views in Japan.

8. Delight In Arima Hot Springs

An additional emphasize close to Mount Rokko is the Arima Hot Springs (Onsen). This is a location with greater than 1,000 years of history and is rated as one of the very best thermal spring locations in the Kansai region.


The Arima Warm spring town lies on the contrary side of Mount Rokko, yet still within the borders of Kobe city. The tiny area might appear modern in its design, yet there are several narrow alleys with a historical feel. Additional exploring will certainly reveal an area cluttered with temples and holy places, plus a hot spring museum.

The community includes lots of ryokans (Japanese design inns) and public bathhouses, a lot of which can be accessed by the public. There are two main sorts of bathing alternatives in terms of hot spring water. The brown water called Kinsen (Golden Water) is made up of iron deposits and is reportedly useful for skin problem and muscle mass injuries. The clearer water is classified Ginsen (Silver water) and consists of radium as well as carbonate stated to improve muscle mass as well as joint discomfort.

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To access the resort area there are buses from the primary cities of Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. You can additionally take a train from central Kobe or cord cars and truck from Mount Rokko.

9. Go To Ikuta Temple

The Ikuta Shrine is centrally situated in the heart of Kobe city, and a brief stroll from Sannomiya terminal. It is more than 1800 years old and is highly related to the goddess Wakahirume-no-Mikoto. This diety represents the weaving of cloth to create textile as well as stunning garments. This concept of linking hairs with each other is said to appear like uniting of people and developing partnerships. Therefore the temple is considered a prominent spot for those looking for love and solid future connections.

An additional all-natural highlight of the temple is the very first that exists behind the main shrine as well as torii gates. The lush greenery is a significant comparison to the more comprehensive citys towering skyscrapers and household towers. It is likewise a preferred power place for recovery and also those looking for lot of money in marital relationship. The shrine also features multi-lingual explanations as well as keepsakes that can be experienced throughout the site.

Access to the shrine is practical due to its close-by place to the primary center of Kobe city in Sannomiya. It is a very close 10-minute walk from the station

10. Experience Luminarie Festival

Among the a lot more wonderful screens that happen annual in the first two weeks of December is Luminarie. The event is a special display screen devoted to bearing in mind the sufferers and devastation of The Fantastic Hanshin Quake. There are steel archways and lit up illumination screens that begin at Kobes China Community as well as finish at Kobes municipal government.

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The spectacularly multi-coloured display screens only boost and also grow with global crowds yearly. The primary community is shut throughout this moment as crowds begin lining up from past Sannomiya terminal to capture the elegance of this distinct memorial. We suggest you go early to align, as the crowds move very slowly and can often take an hour or longer to get to the Kobe Municipal government.

So, that is our Top 10 highlights of Kobe city, do you have any kind of other suggestions you intend to checklist in the remarks listed below? We would love to learn through you also.

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