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Tis the season to be jolly, and below are our Top 8 Japanese Christmas Words for the year. This is our effort at spreading out the Christmas joy via language understanding. So from everyone here at frequently asked question Japan!

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(Merii Kurisumasu) essentially implies Merry Xmas. Nevertheless, the Japanese love to shorten every little thing, so (Meri Kuri) is their much shorter as well as casual equivalent. This is the same expression we use to greet our pals, household, colleagues, neighbors, and so on.

Nevertheless, in Japan, the welcoming is generally used by moms and dads to their youngsters. It might also be made use of in between couples on this special day of love, love as well as over-commercialisation. Outside this, groups of good friends likewise get together to trade the same welcoming and also celebrate with each other.


(Kurisumasu Ibu) indicating Christmas Eve is a special evening not just for families yet pairs as well. The evening of Christmas Eve is normally thought about more important than Xmas day, as well as is the vital day households as well as couples commemorate.

Particularly for families, parents typically prepare presents for more youthful kids. The tale of Santa-san is still really solid in kids minds. So, Mr Claus has actually already come birthing presents, put under the Xmas Tree. The family members normally celebrates with each other in the evening, with an unique dish at supper too.

For younger pairs, this is also taken into consideration an unique night for romantic suppers as well as evenings away. Similar in some areas to valentines day, men often tend to go for it on fine eating, expensive resorts and presents as well. This is all in vain to impress their partner as well as guarantee the future uniformity of their relationship. Often, lots of expensive restaurants will certainly be totally reserved out. Likewise, costly resorts will additionally see a rush in reservations for that night.

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3. or

(Kurisumasu dee) or (Kurisumasu no hi) both indicate Christmas Day. In Japan, today has little definition as well as is treated as a regular company day. There is no official national holiday for Christmas in Japan.

Instead, families or groups of friends may decide to consume deep-fried poultry or appreciate an unique meal together. They might also delight in Xmas cake. On this particular day, you must be able to locate deals on remaining unsold Xmas cakes as well.


(Kurisumasu Keeki) simply indicates Christmas cake, and is typically eaten on the night of Christmas Eve or Xmas day. This is a prominent practice for a lot of Japan given that its quick industrialisation after The second world war. Cakes were offered in Ginza, affected by western society to commemorate Xmas. Deep space of such a celebration in Japan meant that the idea caught on quickly. Subsequently, the whole nation was quickly purchasing cakes as well as commemorating with each other.

Xmas Cake is usually made from a light and cosy sponge cake. Typically, it is coated with a mix of whipped lotion as well as strawberries. In some cases, you can locate them decorated with various other seasonal fruit as well as Xmas accessories of some kind.

As the practice has actually expanded as well as spread, so as the concept of the Christmas Cake. Nowadays you can discover many forms, styles and kinds in intense competitors between confectionary stores.

Generally, close friends or household will get a cake as well as share it with each other on throughout Christmas.


(Kurisumasu Tsurii) is the Japanese word for Christmas Tree. These are usually used in stores or outdoors displays to obtain individuals in the Christmas spirit. However, households will utilize them to keep gifts under the tree for their youngsters.

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Similar to western culture, the trees are loaded with accessories, tinsel and also anything else pertaining to the foolish period. The idea of blinking lights or illuminations is likewise a popular decor and or enhances the tree as well.


(Santa-san) is the caring nickname for Santa Claus. Generally, the idea of Santa is used between parents as well as their youngsters. So, when Santa-san has actually seen your home, as a youngster you recognize youre in for a treat or even more.

Presents are normally just offered to younger kids, as older kids (in their teenagers) have a tendency to grow out of this superstitious notion.

7. or

(Furaido Chikin) or (Karaage) both words refer to the Japaneses love of deep-fried poultry. Specifically, throughout the Xmas season, KFC is a big offer. As a matter of fact, it is not unusual to see individuals align for hours or make breakthrough bookings.

It is stated that KFC started the custom of fried hen during the cheery season. Back in the 1970s, they started a deep-fried poultry Xmas set unique. From after that, the idea was so popular, it ended up being a staple of the season. Nowadays once more several shops advertise their own brand of fried chicken for a piece of the marketplace.


(Kurisumasu Irumineeshon) means Christmas Lighting. This is one more method individuals of Japan love to invite in the joyful season. There are several light as well as lighting festivals that occur throughout the nation, as well as this is just one more justification to set up a screen.

Checking out the illuminations is a common part of a pairs day on Xmas Eve. Nonetheless, they typically start from November, right after Halloween ends. Hence, there is plenty of chances to appreciate them early as well.

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