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Journey in Japan Part 8: Mushroom with a View

I awaken at10 am full of power. I employ the hostel bicyclefor 2 hours. 2 hundred yen however I do not mind. The bike is brilliant yellow yet I don’t mind.

Fukuoka is large, it advises me ofTokyo; similar yet of a smaller scale. There are skyscrapers all over the place. Littered in between the structures, random glass boxes on road corners show ceramic artwork; verse is written beside streams and etched into fountains. It feels like I am roaming around inside some huge outside art exhibition.

As I cycle around I get a little lost. I discover an area of simply temples and also shrines, put neatly away in between traffic as well as disorder. After a lengthy browse Fukuoka, I ultimately find a map andmakemy back to the hostel, my two-hour bicycle rental practically up.

I make strategies to fulfill Amy and also her good friends outside Tenjin Terminal at half ten. At fifty percent Tenjin. I don’t understand her good friends, so it is nice of her to include me. The plan for this night is2000all-you-can-drink Karaoke, before visiting the celebration at 4:59 am.

Amy additionally informs me a few things I must check out. With fourhours to kill, I take her advice as well as head to Hakata Station; especially, the tenth floor. The very early afternoon drizzle has actually gone now, no carrying around an umbrella all night. A welcome bonus offer. I take the lift, twenty-two other individuals additionally join me; Iam the tallest.

On the tenth floor, there istopiary everywhere, mostly bunnies and also bears. Against All Chances by Phil Collins blaresfrom every speaker. There is a small train track yet the train does not appear to be in procedure in the evening. Airplanes land at the nearby Fukuoka Airport terminal, mountains watchin the background. The view is sensational.

Journey in Japan Part 8: Mushroom with a View photo 0

There are gardens, waterfalls, fish, a viewing system, and a shrine.I am rather surprised by the beauty of the area; I nearly neglect that I am on the roofing system of atrain station. I make a decision tostay for the setup sun; 7:29 pm:

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I walk to Tenjin for food as well as to absorb a bit of the night life. I failed to remember how much of a trip it was to obtain below; it takes me half a hr from Hakata. Outside a dining establishment, I spot a plastic design of a Bento Box that looks impressive.

Inside, I sit at the bar.The fish is all set out behind glass before me. I order an established meal. Itcontains miso soup, veggie tempura, Sushi, a choice of pickles, salad, and also a small Japanese omelette.I consume a beer and enjoy the chef carefully reduced and prepare the fish.

The cook asks me if I am American. I inform him England as well as the atmospheresuddenly changes. Not that there was truly a state of mind to begin with. It is tough for me to describe. The chef just comes to be a little bit more relaxedand starts to talk a little as he prepares my food.

The sushi is excellent, really fresh. The mushroom tempura was, certainly, the most effective food I have ever tasted. Ever. It was remarkable; the batter light, delicate, merely best. With a beer, my meal is 2808. This is in fact the most pricey dish I believe I have had here. I tell the cook the food is scrumptious, but for whatever factor, everyone chuckles.

I satisfy Amy and also her good friends at theNorth Leave of Tenji Terminal. Our team includes an overall of fourteen individuals. To Karaoke! As per typical in Japan, tunes are picked usinga computer system display, drinks are ordered utilizing a phone. Someone is purchasing a round, I request for a Highball. A translation concern happens as well as am I handed four drinksinstead of one.

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TheKaraoke is superb worth. You can buy a beverage and also it shows up in under a min. In Tokyo, the service at Karaoke was extremely sluggish. I first satisfied Amy back in Englandat an open mic night, where she was carrying out; I somehow failed to remember just exactly how well she can sing though. There is an actually great mix of Japanese, English, Canadian, as well as French individuals in the group. We sing a wonderful mix of Japanese and British pop standards.

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After six hrs of drinking, we walkback to Hakata for the Oyamakasa main event of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Event.

Thefirst team leaves the starting line at Kushida Shrine at 4:59 am. Thousands of semi-naked men putting on loincloths race throughthe road carrying attractive one-tonne drifts. The drifts look stunning. Spectators yell, Oisa oisa, applaud, and splash the semi-naked males with water to keep them cool.

At the event, I take much way too many photographs of other individuals taking photographs. The turn out is impressive for so very early in the early morning; the streets crowded with crowds. Westay for maybe a hr.

I finally return to my hostel at half 6. Much far too late an evening, but absolutely worth my time.

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