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Journey in Japan Part 34: Pot, Kettle, Snack

Today I take theToei Asakusa Line for the very first time in my life. Each time the train starts it sounds as if there is songs originating from underneath the carriages. It turns out that the songs is the scuffing of the train on the tracks; it does audio rather tuneful though, perhapsthis is the purpose. It reminds me of an experience I frequently carry the Tokyo City Ginza Line; betweenAoyama-itchmeand Gaienmae, the train intermittently makes the audio of a canine being suffocated.

I transform trains atShimbashi Terminal and depart in the direction of Yokohama. The trip time is a hr in total and I arrive in Yokohama at 10 oclock sharp. Outside the station, it is 21C, cool in comparison to what I am used to. I look seriously fora Seven Eleven so I can update my maps making use of the totally free wireless Web, however it appears Family Mart has the syndicate below. I ultimately locate a questionable map and also head toward Yokohama bay.

There is a theme park below, Cosmo World. I contemplate ridingthe huge Ferris wheel (not envisioned) to get a good sight of the area, yet I bear in mind that I am alone; I determine to offer the singular pill flight a miss. I head to Yokohama F.Marinos MM21 Training Facility; the arena for the football group Yokohama F.Marinos. Outside the stadium, 2 of the celebrity gamers authorize autographs for a tiny queue of fans.

The reason I pertained to Yokohama today is to go to theCup Pasta Museum. For no factor that will ever come to be clear to anyone, a dinosaur stands guard at the entry to the gallery, a Deinonychus. This is the type of dinosaur that the raptors were based upon in the film Jurassic Park. I creep past the Deinonychus, and head to the ticket workplace. The amount of people? a girl asks me. It is painstakingly obviousthat it is simply me.
One people, I say, checking out me for answers, I think, I include, deadpan. I pay the500 and also I am offered a rather glossy museum guidebook.

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Inside the museum, I am provided a cardboard hat featuring a cartooned yellow bird, most likely a mascot of types. There isevery packet of instantaneous ramen and also every kind of Mug Noodle that has ever before been produced, set up in a big timeline. Simply to make clear, this museum is for the brand of cup noodle called, Cup Noodle, made by Nissin; it is not a gallery of cup noodles.

Momofuku Ando created chicken instant ramen in his shed in 1958. With the overwhelming success of his hen noodles, he went on to design the mug noodle in September 1971. Not satisfied with his success, at the age of96, he developed the very first ramen that can be consumed in space. There is a remarkable event of his life, a version replica of his renowned shed, and also lots of crazy noodle based artwork right here too.

There are noodle workshops where I can make ramen noodles from the ground up, or create my really own products. I pay an additional 300 and also join the line. I wait forty minutes and at some point I am offered the possibility to make my extremely own brand of Cup Noodle. Initially I am offered an empty Mug Noodle cup and also am free to create or draw whatever I want. I graffiti the front of my cup, so where it as soon as stated, Mug Noodle Museum, it currently claims, Prepare Pass Babtridge. I locate the available pens to be of a little poor quality, which spoils the whole experience for me.

Next off, I reach choose the brew and also toppings. A sign flaunts that there are atotal of 5460 flavour mixes. Got ta mismatch em all! After toppings are contributed to the noodles, the lid is secured in position and also the cup is vacuum cleaner jam-packed. After I complete making my lunch, I go to the top floor of the gallery and take a look at the restaurants. No rewards for guessing what gets on the food selection.

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After the gallery, I come across an instead weird looking building down some instead old looking stone steps. It looks like a set from a science fiction film; perhaps it once was.

I head into a Yodobashi Camera store. The area is silent; no crowds, no individuals shouting at me to get their things. It is the full reverse of the shop in Akihabara. On the 6th flooring, middle-aged men are queueing to buyAKB48s new single, which was released today and will certainly more than likely be leading in the Japan Hot 100 billboardchart by the weekend.

Outside I get a can of Suntory Black Employer coffee from a vending machine and make my back toward the terminal. On the way, I pass a massive ship that looks fantastic. It is in fact component oftheYokohama Port Museum, sadly not a gallery of fortified wine. The ship was built in 1930 and also isused for training workouts. Even though there is a substantial ship below, it doesn’t watch out of place.

At the station, I take 3 various trains as well as a hr later I show up back in Asakusa. I am really entirely worn down yet cant sleep. I play computer games for some time, then go out at 6 for a Dal Vindaloo at my much-loved Indian restaurant. As I consume, I advise myself that I am in Japan and also should perhaps try Japanese food once in a while.

After food, I head to the hostel bar in conclusion the day. A young Australian woman informs me that I seem like Russell Brand name. I strongly differ.

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