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Journey in Japan Part 32: Pyrotechnics and Parade

I wake up at 5 am to the sound of a drunk male in our dorm area. He spends fifteen minutes trying to open his locker, before giving up and leaving the area. Its evenings like these that I desire I remained in a hotel. A hr later the same person that does not know how to open a storage locker comes back as well as invests fifteen minutes trying to rise to his bed, which naturally, is the bedabove mine.

Even more sound at eight. Two individuals packing as well as re-packing their situations, loudly, marking around, loudly. I surrender on sleep as well as get up, tired as well as irritated. I consume time, beverage coffee, after that most likely to a caf at 9, for more coffee. In spite of drinking a great deal of coffee, I still feel drained pipes. The hot weather adding to my exhaustion. I lazily stroll via the mid-morning Asakusa streets. There is an artist on the road using spray paint to develop science-fiction themed space art. He goes from blank canvas to gorgeous planetscape in an issue of mins. Amazing.

I proceed wandering. One person elevates his hand over his head as I walk past, Woah! You are as well high! he exclaims, much to my enjoyment. I head back to where the road performers collect and also see a yo-yo master skillfully Divide the Atom.

Back at the hostel, I write non-events, then eliminate timeplaying Baldurs Gate on my camera. At 3 pm I still have no power but require to get out of the hostel, I choose to head to Chfu. I take the Tokyo City Ginza Line to Shibuya. En route, I hop off at Nihombashi Terminal for a 300 smoothie mix (orange and ginger), then back on the following train three mins later.

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I cross Shibuya going across as well as take a faster way via Yoyogi Park. My faster way is rather obstructedby the Super Yosakoi dancing event. The entrance to Yoyogi Park eventopenspace is blocked by thousands of individuals dancing in the road.

The dance here is in fact rather good, the music catchy and rhythmic. The stage right here is in usage too, people in typical garments wave flags and dance to extremely comparable music to that of the road dancers. I take the ten-minute stroll toHarajuku Station, attempting to avoid the crowds. My plan is a faster way through the forests surrounding the serene Meiji Shrine.

My shortcut is rather obstructedby the groups of individuals that gather at the entrance to the temple. A phase has been put up right here and more individuals are dancing. TheSuper Yosakoi dancing festival is almost everywhere. The songs from the audio speakers here is so loud that I actually need to stroll with my fingers in my ears. A one-way system through the grounds of the Meiji Temple is likewise in position.

Halfway via my course with the shrine premises, a third stage is active and also includes extra dance and also loud live songs. There is an indicator with a big red cross over an image of a video camera, I assume it to imply, No photography, yet everyone appears to be taking photos. Very odd, possibly I have actually been misinterpretingthis indicator every one of these years.

I leave the Meiji Temple and also head toward Shinjuku Station. It is one more warm day, and also I have an additional ten minutes stroll to endure in the heat. In some way, as this realisation of the pleasant comes to mind, an unfamiliar person in the road hands me a follower. At Shinjuku Terminal I get a little lost but ultimately discover my way to the entryway to the Keio Line. A million other people have made a decision to take this train too. I take the second train that draws in, as there is no area on the very first. As I am pressed right into the carriage, I see that the group behind me spills up the steps and beyond. It appearsthe whole of Tokyo are following me to Chfu.

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The Special Express train makes just another stop between Shinjuku and also Chfu, as well as I arrive without delay at 6pm. I adhere to the throngs of individuals to the Tamagawa River. Just as I arrive at the river, there is an explosion in the sky.

Today is the annual ChfuCity Fireworks Festival. It runs for a hr as well as includes 8,000 fireworks. I havea pretty respectable area and also take pleasure in the phenomenon. Along the river little shops sell road food, and even Lawson Stores as well as Seven Eleven are getting in on the action. They have beers for sale outside floating in large ice containers, and also they have actually moved their hot food counters to the front of their stores.

The fireworks are impressive, although really stop-and-start. A lot of fireworks are launched at when, after that absolutely nothing takes place for twenty or two secs, then great deals of fireworks simultaneously, et ctera. Whenever a big surge happens, every person around me states, Sugoiii, Sugoi, and Oh, Sugoi! This word suggests, outstanding in English, and seems to be the only word that the Japanese individuals below use to explain the fireworks. They definitely were outstanding.

At 19:11 I head back to the station; the fireworks will certainly proceed for one more twenty minutes or so, however I actually don’t like the idea of getting back on a jam-packed train. It appears everyone else has actually had the exact same concept; once more the terminal is packed. I am not proud of it, however when the doors lastly open, I rush to grab a Priority Seat. These seats are meant for expecting, elderly and handicapped people. I really feel rather much less guilty when the various other 7 Priority Seats are taken by young people.

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Back in Shinjuku I transform to the Marunuchi Line as well as take it as far as Ginza, before switching over to the Ginza Line. I arrive back in Asakusa around eight.

I meet with some pals and wehead to a neighboring British bar ran by actual British individuals. They make their own beer here, play British music, as well as offer by the pint. I go with the concierge; nice but costly at1000. Vacant at the End by The Electric Soft Parade comes on at some time in the evening; my mind ends up in Brighton.

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