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Q&A Sessions Vol. 1 A Foreigners Perspective on Japan

Simon as well as I have actually known each various other for greater than 3 years. We first satisfied each other at Japanese language institution, we were, sadly for us, the oldest pupils (haha) in among the reduced level courses, however we instantly clicked as well as have actually been great friends since. He is additionally a freelance writer as well as has begun contributing to frequently asked question because late in 2014. So, you might likewise want Simons initially contribution to FAQ about Izu, one of the prettier parts of Shizuoka, its a fascinating read as well as terrific place to see.

When I asked him if he would let me interview him, not only to lend his viewpoint on Japan but additionally to provide some vital recommendations for site visitors or even people living here, he was not just enthusiastic concerning the concept and also super-willing, he did a terrific work also. You can have a look at the transcript listed below.

The Interview

So offer us a fast introduction that are you, where do you come from as well as what do you do?

Im Simon and Im from Sydney, Australia. I am presently helping an International Travel Firm in Tokyo, Japan and I have been functioning there for 2 years. Im an Account Supervisor, so I are in charge of handling the day to day procedures for numerous large corporate accounts.

What determined you ahead to Japan?

Look, I always wished to try something new, and also living overseas, in a various country is a terrific experience. I lived overseas once before in Bangkok, Thailand back during my very early 20s. That was wonderful! I fulfilled my existing wife, almost 4 years earlier currently in Tokyo on a trip, and ever since I satisfied her weve been connected, and it definitely was a huge incentive for me to come over below. I moved over below 6 months after satisfying her and wed her, obviously, we werent wed at the time, yet I would certainly claim my wife was a big motivation for me coming. Additionally, the truth that I had actually been to Japan a number of times on vacation. I loved Japan and assumed its a terrific nation. So living here was type of like a no-brainer, as soon as the chance came up.

What do you like around living in Japan?

There are a few points that I really like around living right here. Its an extremely refuge, you can walk anywhere, and also even ladies can feel secure during the night.

Its a very clean area if you contrast it to Sydney, its simply a much cleaner area to live. Every little thing functions successfully, the transportation system is excellent. Trains are really crowded during peak hour, but that is something you need to manage, like everyone here.

The various other point I truly like is the high quality of food below Japanese actually care about the means they prepare and provide their food. Ive basically never had a disappointment with food here, whatever is constantly high quality, tasty, and also there is a significant range to choose from. Not just Japanese but Western Food, Asian, Korean, Thai, Chinese food also. The quality as well as selection are second to none.

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So, what are some of the much more challenging aspects of residing in Tokyo?

Yeah, look the one main point for me is the space, there is most definitely less space than back in my home town of Sydney. Individual space is extremely valued below. On the train, people are really knowledgeable about their personal area, as well as if you obtain anywhere near their personal space, it can turn out to be not such a good experience.

Living there are a whole lot smaller sized boundaries of living here for instance, a conventional apartment for 2 people residing in Tokyo has to do with 30 to 35 square metres. So I think that is something I miss out on about Australia, having that additional room to delight and expand a bit.

One more thing that I presume I miss out on or is a lot various to back residence is the Winters below. Winters are long below, they start from around November and also remain chilly completely via to March, in contrast to Sydney where its just a few weeks of cold. And also being an Aussie, I like the heat!

Tell me more concerning where you are currently living?

I am really living outside of Tokyo in Yokohama, so for individuals that do not know Yokohama, its the second greatest city in Japan, its only concerning a 30-minute train flight straight from Tokyo, so I commute there everyday to function, as I work in Tokyo.

Yokohama is an excellent place to live, theres a really wonderful bay area which is a short walk from our location and its a great city. So, I have been living there, practically during I have actually remained in Japan.

Inform me concerning your favorite area in Tokyo?

Yeah, I actually like Naka-Meguro which is a suburban area of Tokyo, situated within a very short train trip from Shibuya. Naka-Meguro is a, Id claim, really fashionable town, however not over the top trendy. Its a fantastic location to enter springtime, with the cherry blooms, theres a river going through the community, a long river, as well as the Cherry blooms in spring hang over the river, and also its a really lovely place to do the Cherry blossom watching (described as Sakura in Japanese).

Not just that, there is a great deal of wonderful cafes around there and also there are a couple of great dining establishments that I have actually learnt more about over the moment I have actually been here. Theyre in fact moderately valued and also good worth, so there is a whole lot to do there, its not a huge bustling place, yet its got a good vibe regarding, its trendy, as well as there are a number of points to do there that are interesting.

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Leading 3 areas that you would suggest for anybody to take a look at in Japan?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku thats one of the highest structures in Tokyo. And you can go up to the top floor of the building totally free, its open everyday from early morning till evening, and you can obtain a fantastic view of the city as well as even see Mt Fuji on a clear day. To ensure that absolutely an excellent area to go and check out!

An additional fantastic place is Asakusa which has Senso-Ji, a really famous temple there, its got the Sumida river there, which is fantastic to stroll along! Its obtained lots of wonderful bars, dining establishments as well as lots of history and also its lots of good stores to take a look at if youre into Cookware and knives. Chefs would enjoy there!

The other location I would recommend is the Meijijingu location, which also consists of Harajuku, as one destination to check-out. Jingu is just a good location to walk to have a look at the Torii gateways, its a very serene location in the middle of the city. Simply a great place to take a walk, loosen up with someone special or with friends or household. My family members, whenever they involve Japan, they always wish to head there.

Just nearby Meiji Jingu, in Harajuku itself, there is a street called Takeshita Dori (street) which is a really interesting area to walk through. You can sometimes see uncommon cosplay, the Japanese more youthful design of style, that is definitely advised.

Where do you often associate your buddies or companion?

I work quite close to Tokyo station, so I tend to consume alcohol even more in the direction of that way a bit, the place I really such as to go lately is Shin-Marunouchi structure, which is about a 2-minute stroll from Tokyo terminal. Its a great office building with dining establishments and bars on the 6th flooring, theres a bar there called Rigoletto which I very recommend. Its 500 yen for the majority of drinks and they do tapas as well to name a few meals. Its an actually good value location to enter the center of Tokyo and a really contemporary area to go. Additionally, in that section of the building is an outdoor deck, which is great in the warmer months, you can remain on the deck and take pleasure in the food and also the various facilities that are on that floor. Its likewise got a great sight of Tokyo terminal.

What recommendations do you have for individuals who are trying to make friends in Tokyo?

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I think for me one of my greatest passions is sporting activities, particularly tennis. When I moved right here I started searching for buddies that were additionally thinking about tennis, so I put an advertisement in the on the internet classifieds, theres plenty of for English audio speakers, and also within 2 or 3 months I had actually made a few tennis pals and also theyre still my buddies currently. So I advise not waiting to do that! If you like songs, you can discover songs friends, if you like sporting activity, you can find sporting friends on-line and so forth

An additional choice is a site called meetup.com, in a similar capillary to that, there are numerous meetups going on each day in the Tokyo or Yokohama location, or wherever youre located. A few of these can include cooking classes, exercise courses, and so on. Theres often an extremely tiny fee entailed as well as you can commonly discover there are people who exist that are into the exact same thing as you. Absolutely a good way to make pals.

I think the other apparent response is to socialize with individuals that you already recognize and also increase your circle of pals by doing this, by associating buddies as well as close friends of pals to fulfill new people.

How do you really feel concerning coming close to Japanese individuals if you ever before need assistance?

I have had that experience come up when I was a tourist right here myself, as well as periodically since I live below as well. I feel Japanese individuals are really helpful, and also theyll go out of their means to make certain youre ok. Particularly, if youre shed or not sure what train to capture, and also if they don’t have an excellent command of English, theyll do their ideal to assist you or try to find a person, also a complete stranger close by to assist you out. So that is an additional point I such as concerning Japan, is the generosity of people right here, and how they watch out for everybody.

Any type of last words of advice for new tourists or people considering living right here?

Being broad-minded is absolutely good recommendations and also take a good opportunity to circumnavigate Japan as much as you can !! I have actually been to possibly half the prefectures in Japan, theres 47 in overall, and theres a lot of excellent scenery, the islands around Okinawa, mountains and also lots of fantastic nature. On top of that, all over you enter Japan is different, the food is various, different cultures as well as individuals are also friendlier outside the significant cities, so take a look at Japan as high as you can, and have fun!

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