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Sapporo Dome Sapporo City

Sapporo Dome is in Japans north island in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It was lately constructed in May 2001, so its look is pretty contemporary as far as stadiums go. From the outside, you would swear it looks like a UFO, as well as on the inside is a totally customisable arena.

When I state totally customisable, I indicate Sapporo Dome can transform itself to match a variety of sports. From its diamond layout holding normal Baseball games, it can completely convert itself into a full-sized soccer or rugby area. The area, as you can see is external from the arena, as the naturally grown turf remedies much better outdoors.

Source: Rugby Globe Cup Website

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The arena holds a decent 41,410 spectators at capability and has actually regularly come close to that number with several occasions. Previous events it has actually played host to include numerous global rugby suits, shows as well as regular baseball games. It was additionally among the significant areas for the 2002 FIFA World Mug.

This year Sapporo Dome will be the venue for some of the initial suits for the rugby globe cup. Its initial video game pits the Aussie wallabies vs the ever strong Fijians. Kick-off commences from 13:45 on the 21st of September, so it is the 2nd video game in the whole tournament. The following day functions England vs Tonga, in what will certainly prove to be one more vital match at 19:15 on the 22nd.

How To Get to Sapporo Dome

A bus has to do with one of the most hassle-free course from the front of Sapporo Terminal to the Dome. The end-to-end journey takes a little bit over 35 minutes, and the bus drops you simply outside the premises.

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