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Sensouji Temple Asakusa, Tokyo

For those with any kind of Kanji feeling, youll discover the Chinese characters for both Asakusa as well as Sensouji Holy place are precisely the same. So, for those much less familiar with the Japanese language you might be asking yourself just how the exact same word could be checked out in an entirely different way. That is because the symbols or characters utilized in the Japanese typically have 2 or even more methods of reading them. So, this is among one of the most widely seen examples.

It is, naturally, one of the most well-known as well as checked out temples, normally remaining in the heart of Tokyo. Plus, as Asakusa is the social resources of Tokyos different districts providing even more of a conventional feel. This can be felt via its ancient design, yet likewise through its numerous roads and wealth of jin-rickshaws available.

Sensouji is in fact related directly to battle, with making use of or Sensou directly converting right into the War in Japanese. Nevertheless, its actual intent is to symbolise rejuvenation and tranquility, specifically after it was rebuilt from the aftermath of WWII.

The temple grounds likewise include a Shinto Temple as well as Pagoda situated alongside Sensouji. Past the inner entrance of Hozuomon or Treasure Residence Gate exists the famous Nakamise-dori. This road has plenty of a huge variety of keepsake shops, consisting of sugary foods, clothes, tiny gifts and even more. At the outer entrance is the instagrammable Kaminarimon or Rumbling Gateway () that sits out on Kaminarimon Dori (Road).

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PRO IDEA: We suggest you stay clear of the groups during the daytime and also make the most of the lit-up temple at night. However, most of the memento stores are closed right now, however a lot of the groups vanish additionally. For this reason it is the ideal time for an extra unique shot, and in illuminated form is much remarkable than those daytime shots.

Sensoujis Background

Sensouji actually stems back to 628, making it Tokyos oldest standing Holy place. Yet, the destination of Sensouji is not only restricted to its age and significance. The surrounding location of the temple is also worth highlighting.

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The tale informs the story of 2 anglers who uncover the remains of a statuary of Kannon in the Sumida River around 628. Because of this, the mayor knew the reverence of the statue and also made a decision to redesign his house into a tiny temple where people might praise the sacred statuary. In 645, the mayor finished the renovation of his house, as well as local citizens concerned hope as well as praise the temple.

It was levelled throughout World War II in 1945 as component of the March air raids which devastated big parts of Tokyo. It became independent after the bombing as well as was after that reconstructed as an independent holy place.


The temple itself remains to house the sculpture of Kannon, according to the tales. The bordering grounds also feature a privately preserved garden, Shinto temple and also pagoda.

The main event that happens on the holy place grounds is Sanja Matsuri which takes place over a period of numerous days in spring. Usually on the third weekend of May. During this moment, the bordering streets are shut throughout the day. The event in fact commemorates the original creators of the temple as well as contains 3 vital mikoshi (mobile temples). There is a lot of worshipping as the shrines are paraded via the crowds, along with traditional vocal singing and also dance.

The premises are also full of small o-mikuji stands, which allow you access to the holy oracles with questions of future good luck and also ton of money. The ordinary contribution of 100 yen, allows you to obtain a paper from 100 possible feedbacks, that apparently determine your good luck for the future.


The huge structure that sits in front of the primary Sensouji Temple and also is among 2 big entrances that preceded the main structure. This big structure is called Hozoumon the internal gate. While the outer gate Kaminarimon sits at the entryway to Nakamise.

The two-story gateway sits at nearly 23 metres high as well as 21 metres vast, at a deepness of 8 metres. It additionally holds several of the valued belongings consisting of two statuaries, three lights and 2 large sandals.

The Houzoumon includes two guardian statuaries on either side of the south-facing area of eviction. The statuaries represent the guardian spirits of Budda and also stand at over 5 metres tall. An additional significant facet of eviction is the 3 big lights, with the largest of these a large red light in the centre.

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Eviction was initially built in 942, burnt down in a blaze in 1631, rebuilt in 1636. It after that represented another 300 years up until WWII when it endured the very same destiny as Sensouji. It was reconstructed again in 1964, from a single contribution, this time around the gate consisted of concrete over a strengthened steel structure for increased stamina as well as longevity.


The outer of the two gateways is perhaps one of the most widely known, Kaminarimon or Thunder Gateway stands out as the entry on Kaminarimon Dori. It is likewise the entry to Nakamise-Dori and also Sensouji on Kaminarimon Dori (road). Eviction was erected at first in 941, as well as in a completely various location. Currently, its latest manifestation was constructed in 1960.

The external gate is likewise dwarfed by the inner gateway, at almost half the dimension. It measures some 11.7 metres high as well as 11.4 m broad, yet it still is just one of one of the most often photographed areas in Asakusa.

The gate has actually had a harsh past as well, being refuted a number of times. Its present structure features fire-resistant material in a proposal to extend its longevity. It was burnt down lot of times, with the most recent being 1865. The current version has been standing high given that 1960 and hopefully will stay there for time.

The Kaminarimon has 4 different statues on screen, 2 on the front of the gate and the continuing to be 2 on the back. At the front, the Shinto gods of Fujin as well as Raijin appear. Fujin is the god of wind as well as situated on the eastern side, while Raijin the god of rumbling is to the west. On the opposite encountering side, are an added 2 sculptures. One of the most famous feature of eviction is possibly the huge light that hangs from the thunder gateway. It considers in at nearly 700kgs practically 4 metres tall and over 3 metres wide. The metal base coincides made use of in the previous version of the lantern connected to this gate.


The road packed with weird and standard design stores that leads up to Sensouji is called Nakamise-Dori (street). They remain to work as practice, selling to those explorers that still make the trip to Sensouji. The history of this famous road has had a comparable destiny to that of Kaminarimon, being destroyed a number of times. First, in the Great Kanto Quake of 1923, after that after the devastation of bombing from The second world war. All stores currently are made from concrete and also were remodelled on their photo of western-style electrical outlets.

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The stores themselves have a huge as well as diverse series of mementos. They include some normal standard kinds of items like followers, wooden blocks, bathrobes, yukata as well as various other robes. In addition, you can also discover a broad series of Godzilla toys, Buddhist scrolls, sugary foods, t-shirts and also even more. Certainly, worth a see for something to bear in mind your see to Asakusa, if you are so inclined.


The website is so prominent because it attracts both worldwide and regional site visitors to a tune of over 30 million per year. Particularly, during the new year duration, which is just one of the essential celebrations for households per Japanese custom. Late on the 31st of December people will certainly start to line up to make their petitions listened to for the year or years in advance. This will certainly continue for the following numerous days as individuals see this spiritual location looking for good health and also ton of money.

Gain access to

Asakusa has several stations bordering the major holy place, with lots of areas within walking range. From Asakusa station, on both the Asakusa or Ginza lines, it will certainly take you a little over 5 mins to reach the significant temple. From the Tsukuba Express line, it will take around the exact same time. If you are coming from Tawaramachi station on the Ginza line, it may take you closer to 10 minutes. You might likewise walk from Kuramae on the Oedo/Askusa lines, but this will certainly take you 15 mins or more on foot.

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