Journey in Japan Part 9: Sentient pigs, neon electric girl

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Today is various. For one reason or another I do not seem like myself, I can not describe how I really feel. I just don’t really feel right. I determine to offer my second camera, a Nikon. Never ever used. My Samsung video camera essentially takingall of the action.

I take a bike. Thirty minutes later on I am at Reisen Park. I go into the, We deal any type of camera store, and stick my cumbersome Nikon on the desk. I hand the manall of the cables, still locked inside the opaque plastic. Battery charger? he asks. Oh. I neglected the battery charger.

One hr later on I am back at Reisen Parkwith the charger, and the sale concludes. In the park opposite, a stage looks like it is being taken down. Iswing by a bookshop and acquire a bookwith a few of my camera cash; many publications I needto check out.1160 for the one I choose, Kafka on the Coast.

Outside the raindrops like scattered gunfire, yet you possibly do not care concerning the weather condition. I determine to get a very early lunch from the 2nd floor of Hakata Station.I deliberately go by means of one of the fastest escalators on the planet. Simply for fun.

The majority of dining establishments in Japan have plastic designs of food exterior. These models are so well made, that you might blunder them genuine food; if you didnt recognize any far better. The detail is incredible. I take a gamble and enter into a restaurant without any plastic designs. I have no concept what food gets on the food selection.

It is just one of those restaurants where Japanese is the just recognized language, penalty by me. I get an established dish of tuna on algae and rice, the closest thing to coleslaw I have ever before had, yet it isn’t coleslaw, miso soup, horseradish spicy environment-friendly thing, the name has escaped my memory; and a scrumptious red bean cakefor dessert. A nice dish.

Journey in Japan Part 9: Sentient pigs, neon electric girl image 0

After I leave, a female chases me out of the restaurant with my neglected umbrella.

I return the bike to the hostel, just as the rain stops. I rest on the roofing system balcony and read eighty-six pages ofKafka on the Shore.

After analysis, I take a walk around at dusk. I walk toward Tenjin. I take aphotograph of the city from the river and then stroll back. I was going to fill out room by discussing throwing away electricity with all thisneon, I will certainly instead squander words informing you that Fukuoka is the sixth largest city in Japan.

I know on my stroll back that I haven’t gotten on a train orbus for three days. Maybe I haven’t done anything however reading for two. A Chinook overlooks me. And ironically, I am on my means to satisfy a helicopter pilot.

At the bar, the supervisor pours me a cost-free glass of ice cool rice a glass of wine. The helicopter pilot is with his better half. I talkto him for 10 minutes, before resting at bench with my book; not to interrupt himas his food shows up. The helicopter pilot is Japanese, I satisfied him last night in the same bar. His English is excellent. He told me to find back once again today, Not a problem, I informed him. Bench is 5 minutes from my hostel.

I rest at bench for a while, staring whatsoever the skewers of meat that rest atop the glass counter. At some point, the helicopter pilots daughter appears. She is at college examining English.I invest the next two hrs at the bar speaking to her in English. Her eyes brown, exceptionally deep-set. Her hair noticeably black; it has a weird appearance to the touch, itfeelslike straw.

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I consent to fulfill her tomorrow over a bowl of Paella. She leaves.I pay for 6 Highballs and also her orange juice,2345. A good tidy number.

As I wander back by means of a Lawson Shops, I see these odd workers:

I see them everywhere, really. They depend on roads, at entries to parking area, as well as next to developing websites. They wave on web traffic as well as pedestrians with their orange Lightsabers. Occasionally there will be 3 or 4, all basing on the quietest street next to a cement mixer or ladder. An extremely strange work.

Back at the hostel, I have a desire for Salt as well as Vinegar crisps; one more thing that I can not discover here.I sit in the lounge with a few containers of Suntory Highball and also talk with the Koreans. There is a Korean lady who is both the exact same age as me and also 2 years more youthful. East Oriental age projection.

It becomes one of theKoreans birthday celebrations; a fantastic cake properly arrives, bang on midnight.

One of the Korean women isstudying approach and also is incredibly intelligent. We speak about viewpoint, another point I really miss doing. She rather likes my conversation onM-theory. We additionally yap regarding sentient pigs. I discovered a couple of months ago that I had been pronouncing words sentient incorrect for my whole life. SenCH()nt.

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We consume cake, we consume, and to end the evening, the intelligent Korean girl tells me that my eyes look lonesome.

Check out the next part of my Journey in Japan, where I try to make it to Dazaifu by go here.

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